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  1. Fancy Stars Davidus Zehcko Sinro These 4 are your new Council Members for the next 6 months. We will be holding the next election sometime in October. If you have any questions or concerns, they are there as your representative if you don't want to come to Pheegle or myself.
  2. I hearby announce Pheegle as a new Sentry for the EVE Chapter, congrats!
  3. Unikron, Taldek, Infinite, Phenom, Leman etc and I were running sites in RES. We had closed about 5 holes and double cycled the C3 due to a 0.0 prober who we thought had left. We were on our 5th site when a fleet of Tech 3 destroyers with Frigate Logistics landed on us. This is even more concerning since Resistance is a C5 wolf-Rayet which gives a major bonus to small guns. Uni and I quickly started calling targets and Uni popped the trigger, bringing us the reinforcement wave for the site. I had T2 Gardes from one carrier and Hammerheads from another Carrier assigned to the Lokis and we were able to break the reps from their T1 Frigate Logi. I then warped in my Scorp/Typhoon to assist and they seemed to do a good bit of damage. They kept trying to bring in ships to pin us on grid but we were able to very quickly kill them as they landed. We then extracted all the caps, but loss the loot from the other sites. It was just in time too, as we got out they formed a new fleet (almost every had reshipped plus they had brought a few T2 Logistics (guardians) this time. I am completely unsure how they even found us, however I suspect the 0.0 scanner that got locked in here scanned his way out and hence opened up the m267 for them to eventually find. Here's the battlereport - http://evf-eve.com/services/brcat/?s=1002127&b=6431370&e=35&t=rb&r=1 As for going forward... - salvaging faster when possible - a toon watching the c3 when possible (then immediately cycling it if someone jumps through it) - working on moving our typhoon pilots into tech 3's, lokis or proteus's? - be lucky, cause its always better to be lucky then good
  4. Pheegle has accepted my offer to become a Co-Chapter Leader. He is not "official" in the Chapter's eyes but hes official internally. Also he will be taking the Sentry Exam (which might make him official in the Guild).
  5. Zkute, Does everyone in the chapter fill out this questionaire, or just myself (Chapter Leaders)
  6. Recently, Davidus & Mike Vadenberg have stepped up into Sentry roles within the EVE Chapter. I am extremely grateful to them for taking the initiative to do so. This shows their dedication to the group and willingness to take on additional responsibilities like recruitment and training. We are always looking for help and as such I would like to further expand our office core. If you are interested in helping grow the EVE Chapter, please get in touch. There is an open book test you will take to get qualified as Sentry (other then my approval, which everyone currently active has).
  7. www.slack.com is a Instant Messaging software tool that has been picking up a lot of steam recently. It might be the long awaited IRC / Jabber replacement that people like me have been hoping for. I'd love for COTP to test it out! ATM, unless everyone had a email address ending with "CovenantofthePhoenix.com" the easiest thing for me to do is add people based on their regular Email Address. So.... PM me you email! I'll add to Slack and we can see if an IM tool would be a good fit for COTP!
  8. Mike has been a great addition to the COTP Family and the EVE Online Chapter, please thank him for his service and his new rank!
  9. EVE Chapter Meeting Saturday Jan 31st 7pm EST / 4pm PST / 0000 GMT (All of COTP is welcomed) Thanks to the De-flate gate Super Bowl being Sunday at 630pm (GO SEATTLE!)
  10. Topics - New Recruits / Corps - Doctrine setups - New Dread fits - Resistance Status - Security - In-Game Footage - Upcoming Patch Notes
  11. Our friend Creaky from COTP has offered to help piece together some good videos for us! As such he is looking for in-game video, anyone willing to assist? From Creaky "Yea, if possible, have your users record in h.264, greater than 60fps, at 1080p (using a program like Shadowplay or OBS). Audio isn't that important, I can delete audio and just use music to overlap it." I'll ask him to come and chime in to this post as well.
  12. Bump! We are still looking for COTP members to join us in EVE!
  13. bump! edited the top post with some new details.
  14. Topics - Possible Corp mergers / Discussion of alliance merger / recruitment
  15. absolutely, send me a PM on the forums or poke us in channel on mumble ( We are mostly active USTZ )
  16. awesome! welcome back. Get with our council members (Fancy, Davidus, Sinro or Joker) for orientation. Of course anyone in channel can give you a hand if they arent around.
  17. Topics - Activity / Possible Merger / Resistance Op
  18. no not currently, everyone in XMARK left game over the past few years
  19. Our 2nd "vacation" wormhole Resistance was hit just before Christmas. I'm keeping the details sparse, but more details can be found in Viber and on the private forums as they get put together. http://www.covenantofthephoenix.com/forums/groups/14-eve-alliance/
  20. 1st one got destroyed, had a 3b isk fit on it.. haha le-sigh https://zkillboard.com/kill/42999323/
  21. Nice reporting Relad, want a job as our official EVE News reported?! Thera by all accounts has been a pretty big mess as you pointed out. There is talks on reddit.com/r/eve regarding changes (from the players, not CCP) since getting into system and doing anything is pretty challenging. 2 of the stations are instant kick outs, so you cant hope to use them without dying when you leave the station. This limits you to the other 2 stations. The system is extremely large, therefor taking forever to warp around, and it links almost all to k-space (which has local chat), making fights between 2 groups unlikely since its very easy to see when someone is coming to attack you. Its pretty easy to setup a camp, kill anyone who attempts to enter or leave and then extract if you see anything threatening.
  22. looks like a great start, only because its mostly over my head haha! i gave you access to the sheet, if you want to try importing that to the test version..
  23. Hey all! Our chapter tracks payouts of in-game currency via this spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ate_vz0fcMsfdE1xTVVXS2NKdHNPZTRzQjlxX1k1WVE#gid=3 We want to keep a running log of how much is sent to each person so we can judge activity levels etc. If your a spreadsheet wizard, we would love a hand! Please request access to the document if you think you can help (dont worry its a copy of the original, so you cant break anything)
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