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  1. yea unhide then lock them please!
  2. so did i hide them or just lock them?
  3. i locked a bunch of topics, assuming it just locked them and kept them on the board (i was looking for an archive option but i cant seem to find one) if it removed the topic from viewing that wasnt the intention, im pinging Grim about it to see if we can fix that issue.
  4. topic closed / locked as we rebuild the council with the remaining and soon to be elected new members
  5. Tuesday (tomorrow) 7PM EST / 2300 EVE Time The council meeting will be held 1st, followed by the alliance meeting shortly (30mins?) afterwards
  6. We just barely stopped 3 capitals from coming into AZ https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98119725/ Is the corp that tried bringing in the capitals, via a low sec direct hole. We've been seeing one of their guys around a lot over the past few months They apparently are very patient. Luckily Weldy was on the ball, realized there was an open direct and asked me if I wanted to use it.... As I was bringing out 2 revs, they landed 2 capitals on the hole. I barely closed it before they were able to jump in. Stay on your toes, make sure you have a WH defense battleship (Bhaal or Vindicator) ready to go and close any incoming capital holes ASAP.
  7. were gonna change tags ♉ is the new one
  8. Thank you everyone for having the faith in me to lead our guild into the future. I hope to live up to that expectation!
  9. So after reading all the posts and talking with people, there is a large number of people who are enjoying mining in AZ. As such ill kill this idea, I am glad people spoke up and voiced their opinions!
  10. I am totally cool with leaving the mining side alone, as long as we all know that it might be hurting the 100% spawns as to Weldy's point, I have been "testing it" in Res (kinda). Since no one mines there and all I or Jak do is spike the mining sites, there has always been a larger number of 100% there vs Arizona. To Aveno's points above, I do wish we had our older players more active. We've lost very good people due to inactivity through the years (no hobby like ours is immune to such issues). I cant comment on every point Aveno made but I do agree with all of them, especially about filling in the gaps of required ships. But our newer generation of people seem very keen on getting trained up in Loki's / Archon's etc. I hope this keeps going so in month or 2 trying to find an Archon pilot is easier then it is now.
  11. if the majority of people want to leave mining opening (at the potential cost of C5 sites to run) im fine with it glad people are chiming in!
  12. Overview Over the past few months the number of 100% sites in AZ seems to be at a serious decline. Everyone has theories as to why, but CCP releases no hard data on the topic so its hard to come up with anything concrete. For a long time we didnt have any / many people mining in AZ at all, but that has changed in the past 6 months and im curious if there is a relationship between the 2. Here's what I propose: 2 weeks NO mining in AZ, only spiking gas & ore sites. vs 2 weeks mining everything that comes up (as we do currently) During each 2 week cycle, I will collect data on the number of and type of site spawns in AZ. Future Once we get a baseline, we can look and see if there is indeed any correlation between the site spawns vs mining. If there is indeed a relationship, it presents us with a challenge. Do we continue mining in AZ even if it decreases site spawns? Some people are heavy into mining ore & gas while others focus on doing C3/C5 100%'s. People could always mine in the C3's as well, but obviously mining in the C5 is safer and easier for them.
  13. Please install Viber on your cell + desktop We are thinking of using it as a way to alert JUST for Site Running and/or PVP Skype will continued to be used for general conversation and information Once installed, search for "artie darrell" http://viber.com/
  14. to clarify swapping the Moros to shield doesnt help all too much (except you could argue that it could tank well in shield, then swap lows for armor and keep tanking) the nag though really shines, with all mids swapped to shield tank and overheated it tanks 44k DPS, 3x more then any other ship we have.
  15. Please come and hang out in mumble with us (talk to Urso Sick / Inspired Angel / EvilErnie or Grim from COTP to get rights) we can show you the ropes!
  16. We kind of knew this before the last fight to defend Arizona, but Triage / Siege can be a death sentence if the incoming DPS is too much for you to tank or you get neuted. Of course, this is true without going into Siege / Triage, but during WH defense Ops we can at least bring in 3-4 Archons. We had 5 without trying too hard. Even with the wrong fit (we were all Triage fit) our sub-caps lasted for a very long time and brought back a few dreads from the brink before we broke. -- Here is an example fitting that when used in a 4 person team, can tank 25k DPS indefinity, which is at least 2 faction fitted CR Moros's http://i.imgur.com/PECXgR7.png -- In an ideal world we have 1 of these per Archon pilot pre-fit, but I try to live in reality. Everyone should be able to swap into these fits pretty quickly, say within 10 mins.
  17. After weeks of looking at KM's, watching videos and then talking to some major WH PVP'ers at PAX Boston I've come to the undeniable conclusion that should be switching our Moros and Nag's to shield fits (and phasing out all Revs) The reason being is they have much better shield tanks than armor.... and when in siege it doesnt matter how many Archons we have, they must survive till they drop siege. (disclaimer - CCP might wake up and balance the armor vs shield capital disparity, or not) Please read and comment -- Here is the Damage Chart of 3 dreads shooting a "Sleeper Like" Battleship (Maelstrom that has close to the same sig radius and base speed) Note - It has 2 Loki webs and 2 TP's effecting it http://i.imgur.com/W3A3e7K.png As you can see the damage on target is almost the same -- Stats Armor Moros (Currently used) 14k DPS @ 16km 0.01058 Tracking w/o Drop 1.488m EHP w/ Damnation 1729 Sustained Defense 6396 Burst Defense (Until Cap runs out) http://i.imgur.com/1cRijT3.png vs Shield Moros 14k DPS @ 16km 0.00962 Tracking w/o Drop 1.435m EHP w/ Damnation (Wrong boost for this ship, but priority should be given to the Archon + Sub-caps) 1729 Sustained Defense 6396 Burst Defense (Until Cap runs out & This number goes up dramatically if you swap out tracking comps for more shield mods) http://i.imgur.com/QSbVnZH.png Shield Naglafar 11.6k DPS @ 19km 0.01005 Tracking w/o Drop 2.296m EHP w/ Damnation WITH 2 Tracking Comps (Wrong boost for this ship, but priority should be given to the Archon + Sub-caps) 4124 Sustained Defense 14538 Burst Defense (Until Cap runs out & This number goes up dramatically if you swap out tracking comps for more shield mods) http://i.imgur.com/l5TJohN.png -- In a fight we would still: - Bring as many Lokis + Vindicators as possible - Use Strong Drop + Strong Mindflood (or Strong Blue Pill) - Swap out lows for T2 bulkheads when getting low shields
  18. im guilty ATM as I have some ships parked in a POS that I normally log out in..... I'll fix it when I bring in these other dreads.
  19. https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=4378734 My thoughts are located here https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=4379022#post4379022
  20. Fittings Archon Spend the money if your gonna run triage. If the archon dies, everyone does too. Dont cheap out and expect your fit to be exmained before your allowed to triage in sites. ** Have Strong Mindflood In the cargo ** ** Drop a mobile depot in every site! If you get low on armor swap out all the damage mods in the low slots for T2 Bulkheads ** https://privatepaste.com/ee76871d43 Moros Tracking wise the Moros is king, but the other dreads track well enough. ** Have Strong Mindflood / Strong Drop in the cargo ** ** Drop a mobile depot in every site! If you get low on armor swap out all the damage mods in the low slots for T2 Bulkheads ** http://pastebin.com/8T3sxkre Naglafar 2nd best tracking, but its major advantage is it can fire without any cap. This is a huge bonus and makes it highly recommended (especially for PVP situations if we get jumped) ** Have Strong Mindflood / Strong Drop in the cargo ** ** Drop a mobile depot in every site! If you get low on armor swap out all the damage mods in the low slots for T2 Bulkheads ** http://pastebin.com/PAe1LxPm Loki Do not cheap out on this fit either. If you die, the dreads wont be able to hit most of the sleepers and we will die as well. https://privatepaste.com/cd661e0cf3 Damnation If you cant run the mindlinks yet its ok, even tech 1 warfare links work great. Your entire goal is to be a primary target for the sleepers. https://privatepaste.com/f3f02907fe
  21. I did an interview with Tyrant Scorn from the Legacyofacapsuleer.com podcast There's the unedited version below. Jason Marshall also came in for a bit and blessed us with his presence. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4fuGJxjVyM&feature=share&t=29m57s
  22. I personally greatly oppose being forced to "buy" the ships to keep resistance open. i realize many of the people who opened up resistance no longer play, but people like Lumpy and I spent weeks running sites for free in order to buy those ships. if anything we sell them and give the money to those people (Danny, Food, Lumpy, Codarr, Smokin, Infinite etc) also with the influx of new people we already have corps trying to find ways to keep their income up, closing a WH that was designed as a place for us to make money (and has an amazing hole bonus + easily defendable) makes RES about 10x more valuable then AZ (no bonus and 50 moons to try and defend during an invasion)
  23. great write up lumpy to add to this point, just because you jump into a WH and theres nothing on scan DOES NOT MEAN ITS CLEAR Hostiles who know what they are doing will hide deep in system (14 + AU away) or will hide in an adjacent WH. If there is ANY DOUBT scan down all the WH's and triple check before warping in a 5b isk dread.
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