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  1. ATM I would say keep it, but we should move the tower to X-Mark since Inspired is the only active person in MADOZ If we are able to grow a bit, that 2nd C5 has proven very useful when we had 8-10 active players
  2. On the note of recruitment I think we agreed that new pilots should meet a minimal SP of "Capital Pilot" So basically if they cant fly a LVL IV capital (archon, rev, moros, nag) you should keep looking. That is around 30-40m SP
  3. well the previous tier ideas are more to my liking, as they provided a clear pathway and milestones to reach.... also they included home defense ships however.... im cool with this as a starting point, so i would vote yes.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3cSq6oIOsY&noredirect=1 http://disavowed.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_related&kll_id=18903058 Battle report - http://failheap-challenge.com/showthread.php?6688-Wormhole-Space-Redux-(stop-shitposting-or-I-will-start-infracting)&p=863147&viewfull=1#post863147 The PVE fleet had 6 lokis and 3 dreads. Web is king!
  5. I agree, they are good but some of their better pilots left and are in "Bitten" now. However I was kinda surprised at how un-prepared the 107th guys are. They are supposedly a good PVP low-sec alliance, but they need to do some more homework to live in a C5/C6 and do capital escalations. I think we are 100x more prepared, which gives me some hope.
  6. abaddon losses during C5 sites From: Moriancumer Sent: 2013.09.27 01:48 To: CoTP Council, Kill: Gravitas Dignitas (Abaddon) - lost due to not getting reps on fast enough, my fault Kill: Vulkan Primarch (Abaddon) - lost helping Lumpy / Inspired / Aveno finish the site they disconnected on. Carrier wasnt able to keep up with the incoming damage Asking the SRP fund for 550m total
  7. As the "Defense Minister" I would like to double check with the Council to ensure I have been granted the power to do the following: - I propose that I install 1 alt into each corp living inside Arizona. - I will be able to view any and all hangars owned by the corp. - This alt will have no skills and should be given no roles so it should not have any ability to take anything. - Its purpose will be to randomly check corp hangars to ensure compliance with our WH defense doctrine. - Assuming I do have the power to do the above, I will be submitting alts into each corp today / tomorrow. - I will generate a bi-weekly? report to the council stating the readiness of each corp.
  8. There is actually 2 of these in RES now, one HROLT bought for testing and the one BrotherD bought as a spare. I vote "yes" (when IF makes a vote on it) to spend 1.2b to purchase these for RES. They have been absolutely amazing to run sites with. We are buying 2 more to use in AZ (from personal funds). 75-80% of the time the command ship is the primary for the sleepers. Amazing.
  9. FYI i looked over it and told Inspired it looked good from my perspective.
  10. Just an non-update AFAIK no one has heard back from CCP on these petitions yet however since they had other clients stay online and their internet was obviously working fine, I suspect that we will get these replaced.
  11. Aveno and Lumpy both suffered disconnects 2 days in a row, resulting in the loss of a Archon / Moros / Rev and a Loki. We have a direct low-sec tonight (day of this post) I transferred 5.28b to Inspired to pickup the ships and I will help him bring them into AZ. Both Aveno and Lumpy have put in petitions to see about getting the losses replaced. Both had only 1-2 clients disconnect, while their internet stayed active and other clients stayed online.
  12. A week or so ago, after reading some forum posts on aggression mechanics I took a chance and bought a damnation to tryout in Resistance. The fit Brother D posted is what I theory crafted and he went out and bought one as well. Using it for the past week, it has been nothing short of amazing. The warfare links + ECM + target painters seem to make it a super high priority target. Plus the addition of the ECCM gives you a way to keep the Loki un-jammed if you get jumped. Conservatively, 50% of the time it is the absolute primary for the sleepers. It has an insanely high tank, so even if you forget about repping it I would estimate you have nearly a full minute before it could die. More testing is needed by others to truly judge its effectiveness, but so far I am highly in-favor of adding any armor tanked command ship to our "must have" in C5 running.
  13. FalconsFury

    SRP Purpose

    The only gray area is "WH Defense" I think closing incoming C5/C6's are very important, so I would be ok if SRP was used to do this assuming that people arent dying left and right. As a rule, any hole that is remotely hostile I only use BS's. 1) because they are cheaper.... 2) hostiles in C5/C6's are usually trying to trap dreads & carriers... 3) you can test the waters and GTFO much faster in BS's then a dread So... I think SRP for hole closing is ok, but I also think we should be very watchful on this. Archie closing holes solo is probably a bad idea, as without a 2nd person to at least be a scout your chances of dying go up dramatically.
  14. Dreads Strong Mindflood Capacitor capacity Armor repair amount, Turret optimal range, Missile explosion cloud Strong Drop 37.5% Tracking speed Armor repair amount, Shield capacity, Turret falloff, Velocity Carrier Strong Mindflood Capacitor capacity Armor repair amount, Turret optimal range, Missile explosion cloud Strong Exile Armor repair amount Armor hitpoint, Turret tracking, Missile explosion cloud, Capacitor capacity === Heres a good write up on boosters http://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Messing_With_Your_Head#Better_living_through_chemistry:_Intro_to_booster_drugs
  15. well i think mutually shared API keys from all CEO's (accessible only to other CEO's via the software I demonstrated the other night) would really help. It provides accountable among each corp, verify their defensive ships and fittings and also provides a way for us to keep a watch each other's tower
  16. The RES ships were purchased via vote, which was almost unanimous I believe. As for pilot accountability we need something in place to prevent people throwing ships away needlessly, but its overly painful to the point they dont want to fly to begin with.
  17. if we have the banker system functional, i dont really see a need for an alliance tax UNLESS we want to do a fuel system as well. Then I would want the number to be flexible to cover FUEL only for 1 POS per corp. So that would mean, based on these figures, around 10-15% alliance taxes I suppose.
  18. From what I know, Inspired + Evil were closing WH's and got jumped. I believe they acknowledged that there was a lack of active scanning and a bit of carelessness. Seeing they lost some Pods that appeared to be a good lesson. I purpose we use the SRP fund to send them 1.073b to replace the lost ships. Fight is located here: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_related&kll_id=19570356 I vote "yes"
  19. We currently have 2 corps that I know of that will need help with POS fueling soon. - S2PS, Archie's Corp, has had a number of active people who left his corp. Since he is in Euro TZ he often isnt able to stay up and run C5's with the USTZ people often. With Danny / Food AFK currently, this has hurt Archie's ability to cover his POS expenses. - MADOZ, run by Food and Danny are in a similar situation. They had active people leave their corp (after they went inactive) and will in a month or 2 have issues covering POS fuel. -- Since both corps have greatly contributed to COTP's success, I am of the mind we revisit the alliance POS fuel program while working on ways to improve both corp's situation. Some ideas I had are: - We re-implement the alliance POS fuel program. - 5% +/- (an exact number needs to be worked out) of site running (C5 and C3) gets diverted to the alliance to buy POS fuel in bulk. - We can run Alliance Ops once in a month or 2 and donate 100% of that day's sites to POS fuel instead. - Pilots can sell POS fuel items to the alliance at -5% below Jita costs. They lose a bit of profit but gain an instant sale and help the alliance. Some rules that might be a good idea: - Each corp will be allowed 1 POS to be fueled under the alliance program. - Everyone assists as needed to haul in POS fuel from empire. -- Please chime in with your thoughts on the situation and counter-points.
  20. updated the spreadsheet with screen shots of EFT
  21. ill make screenshots of EFT for people also, the Tech II semiconductors are 1b isk apiece, vs 200m for the tech I... so i dont think those are an option
  22. Here is the easiest way to get onto the EVE Test Server, Singularity - Take your current EVE directory and COPY IT to another location. For example, if your EVE folder is C:\Program Files\CCP\EVE make a new folder called C:\Program Files\CCP\EVETestServer. Then copy and paste your current EVE folder to that one. - Now, you need to create a new shortcut to launch EVE. This is VITAL as you need to tell EVE that you want to go to the Test Server, not the regular one. - Right click on the eve.exe file inside your new folder and change the target, adding the following " /server:Singularity " - When finished your shortcut should look like this (depending on your folder location)
  23. I spent some time today going over the dread fit on the Moros (the Rev will be similar in many ways to what we decide on the Moros). Its been my experience that cap is very critical in these sites, as the more cap you have the longer you can rep for AND keep shooting (both critical when running sites) I am personally leaning towards the Option D fit, which trades both DPS and the target painter for more cap. We could then remove 1 web from the loki and add a target painter OR Bring in a 2nd support ship for most site running. Go to the daily spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AghgoGXZf7UAdGlyeEhWNEhLcWNYd0lzWDBFZnVBNnc&hl=en_US#gid=50 And check out the "Dread Fits" pages.
  24. Yea the starbase management skill sucks to train, but its really worth it if we get attacked totally agree, although i am not sure where it should be placed in the tier system... probably towards the upper levels as its really long to train (needs anchoring V)
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