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  1. Highly recommend doing C3 work with LongGanticus / Zechko / Stooge before wanting to step into the C5. Our C5 running is capital ship intensive and while the isk is better we need higher SP pilots to make it work effectively. Plus in C3 you can learn all about the way WH's work without spending a ton of isk doing it.
  2. Theres only 2 races in EVE. Amarr and Gallente. Too bad they are enemies in faction war lol
  3. The CoTP chapter is very much alive and awake. There is a half dozen or so that play daily. There are 2 C5's that we own and run sites in. We have a C2 that is run by LG / Zecho & Stooge I believe. Grim is running stuff in Empire and lastly 4 of us are doing 0.0 PVP with a group called Black Aces (using an alt while still living in the c5's) Sorry we dont post much on the forums!! If your interested in joining please dont hesitate to contact Grim, Damis, Codarr or myself. My email is shadowandlighteve@gmail.com
  4. Awesome to see we are making progress man, thanks a ton! Can you setup Red Warclaw as the alliance leader so he can approve people? Then I can start testing out what your making.
  5. There is no way that I know of to get bookmarks from any other source OTHER then in game.
  6. - Only people in the same alliance should be allowed access to the tool, can you make the program verify that with the API? - I just log in with a different username if I am on a different account scanning - The data is shared among everyone in the alliance who is given access by the alliance leader.
  7. no problem! Thanks for the help I'll get more people from the alliance to input on the topic
  8. ugh... well at least you see what I mean about the service... ok heres a snapshot - Siggy helps track our movement through EVE Online. When we enter a wormhole or a normal system, it grabs that data from our client about where we are and fills in the information of that system using various tools (like http://evemaps.dotlan.net/ and http://www.staticmapper.com/) - It uses an API connect through the in-game web browser which HAS to be open and we HAVE to be logged in for it to function. Hopefully some more technical information on the in-game browser is located here - http://wiki.eve-id.net/Moondoggie_IGB_Documentation - Siggy also lets us manually input signatures (sites that we locate in space) into a area specific to that system. You can see that area located here. http://i.imgur.com/cxBYL.png - It tracks connections through the program and links them automatically if we go from a wormhole to another wormhole or to an empire system. We can also manually add connections if need be. - It also allows us to mark each WH connection as the link breaks down. In EVE, the more ships you put through a hole the more it shrinks. A WH can collapse based on either time or by having too many (or too big) of ships passing through it. ok thats a decent run down....
  9. If you like the design its fine with me, I am sure there are some improvements we can think of. Discussion here is fine in case other members of the alliance want to chime in. We could have Grim or another CoTP Elder move the topic to the Eve forums if thats better.
  10. FalconsFury

    Nice Graphics!

    yea its very cool. The new explosions coming out with the damage to the ships is incredible.... cant wait!
  11. I have the host and domain name through godaddy in case you need it ahead of time
  12. dont think its been announced yet, but i'd love to get us entered in it.... we will die in a fire however
  13. I will buy hosting today for the site, that is something we should be worried about not the person doing us a favor! Godaddy hosting is ok?
  14. I just talked to our alliance CEO. To get your corp access email red warclaw in game, he can get you direct access for yourself
  15. I am looking for some advice to expand the EVE Alliance CoTP Chapter, however un-like other MMO's EVE is not a "normal" MMO. EVE is a tough game. You cant "grind" your way up to a great account like WOW / RIFT / SWTOR etc. It takes months of "training" (that occurs semi-automatically even if your off line) but getting a decent ship trained up takes time. In game we make a lot of money. In fact after a few months time you will probably be making billions in a month depending on how hard you work at it. In comparison you can pay for a months game time with about 300-400 million. With us you can play EVE for free, which is a luxury that most players cant afford. The trade of is where we live is a lot of work, its not a place for the "casual" gamer and to be effective you have to be around a few days a week. Most of the "Active" players log in at least for a bit every day. EVE is also a harsh environment. The ship you took weeks of running missions killing NPC's , mining or trading to buy can be blown up and lost in seconds. Scamming, backstabbing and betrayal runs rampant in EVE. However its a game that is as rewarding as it is violent. It is by far the best PVP game I have played. The reason for the post however is we need more players as we want to expand and control a bit more space in the game. If your interested lets talk! It will be a slow start for you, but in a few months you will be very effective and perhaps can save up enough in-game currency to buy a new account! Heres some great EVE videos you can watch for inspiration http://www.youtube.com/user/CCPGAMES/featured
  16. Some updates from the EVE Chapter - The alliance lives in a wormhole, which is cut off from the rest of EVE. Since before I joined the EVE Chapter has focused on WH life to great success. Its hard living away from the ease of access to empire but the money made is certainly worth it. - We have a new active corp VEPER who joined a few weeks ago. Great guys and we are glad to have them aboard. - A few of our members took a road trip for about 5 days and made mega money running sites in a empty wormhole. Great experience for them and a good learning tool for us. - Theres a great wormhole fight video with very cool tactics that was just release, worth the watch if you love space ships!
  17. - I believe it's a combo of HTML / SVG.... i dont think there is any flash what so ever nor do we need any flash code that I could see. - I'll PM you my username and password. It will work "out of game" but "in game" you need to be in the CoTP alliance to gain access. I will get our alliance CEO to make you an account. How should he contact you? Do you still have an active EVE account? - I think "secret" is best, perhaps we can take it open sourced in the future? I am unsure the best direction honestly. - Free is great however the offer will still be open!
  18. Here is the current screen we are using for an example http://i.imgur.com/k5DT0.png
  19. Correct we dont have access to the "source code" however we have access to the service currently, when it decides to work.
  20. Hows this for now? Heres a great new video out for EVE online and its new FPS shooter DUST 514 thats coming out in a few months. We would new members from the greater CoTP community!
  21. We've been remissed in trying to put out more public information on the EVE Chapter. Currently we are and have been for a while, in a specific part of EVE locations called a "WormHole". Its very different compared to normal "EVE" space, with very unique challenges. I will poke around and see if we can get some material to the front page for you!
  22. Hello fellow CoTP'ers! The EVE Chapter is in need of a hand. We are currently using a web tool called "Siggy" that allows us to track our movements, store information and keep organized in game. http://siggy.borkedlabs.com/ Its been the best tool we've found to use based on the ones out there developed. However, its been up and down a lot recently and the owner does not appear to be very serious about maintaining the service. I am looking to see if this is a service someone can re-create. I'd even be willing to throw some money your direction, as this tool is vital to our gaming. ($50?) We dont have any web guys in the chapter (other then Red Warclaw whos buried with RL work). So I'd figured I would reach out to the greater guild. Thanks for reading!
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