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  1. while i currently fly all tengus, i have for the past month + started all my accounts towards amarr / lasers as well I should be in the t2 mega pulse territory within another month. That should help push our overall fleet doctrine to both Shield and Armor setups.
  2. anyone have a battle report for this?? i wasnt there
  3. im totally game. Considering the amount of pilots / alts we can muster on a weekend should we try for a vanguard or an assault site? Scout: 3-5 Pilots Vanguard: 5-10 Pilots Assault: 10-20 Pilots Headquarters: 20-50 Pilots
  4. Could the members start a fund drive and get one up soonish?
  5. The forums are a mess of some good posts mixed in with a lot of very old / semi not useful posts as well I think, in order to start getting people back involved, we should just wipe the forums out and start fresh thoughts?
  6. I am very active on BF3 (falconsfury99) If you guys are looking for admins for a server, I am game!
  7. I'm incursion stupid, however I read some posts today on the eve forums stating that 50-120m / hr is very typical on the 10 man sites. Anyone have experience??
  8. http://goo.gl/wFIhf very good article, also gave me some background on some WH residents that I havent heard about often
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