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  1. Wiluvan

    Anyone active?

    Hi, Used to play SWTOR with cotp. I recently got star citizen, wondering if anyone is an active player?
  2. http://elderscrollsonline.wiki.fextralife.com/Set+Bonus+Crafting+Locations#.U0fl5Pl5Nyw Enjoy
  3. Wiluvan

    What's in a Name? - ESO Edition

    Wiluvan - From EQ random name Generator Barbarus - From R.A. Salvatore books. Artemis Entreri alter ego.
  4. Hey, I'll be a Tank or Healer/Dps Ideally I'd like to be paired up with Eendi, we worked well together in swtor raiding days. Rav - Tank Eendi - Dps Wiluvan aka Barbarus - Heals Free spot - Dps
  5. Wiluvan

    Early Access Launch Day

  6. Wiluvan

    Beta - Feb 28 - 2014

    Hey guys, My friend got an invite for ESO this week-end, anyone else got lucky?
  7. Wiluvan

    Which class will you play?

    I noticed that the Restoration staff is barely enough to keep someone alive, especially during boss fights.
  8. Wiluvan

    Which class will you play?

    On that note, they need pack horse for the sheer amount of drops in a dungeon lol.
  9. I was thinking that we can start compiling a list of classes/roles that people will play so we can start planning ahead for dungeon runs. It's definitely not easy to run a dungeon without a specific group of classes. Although we did pretty well with mostly dps and heals. I plan to play a Templar focused on dps/heals
  10. Wiluvan

    Do you plan on playing ESO <POLL>

    Hey! You need a premium account so a minimum of 5$ ... But I already have my invite anyway lol..
  11. Wiluvan

    Do you plan on playing ESO <POLL>

    I will be there
  12. Wiluvan

    Is it going to be up today?

    Server is up but there's an error msg "Server is already full, please try another one"
  13. Wiluvan

    arghhh... 50 minute queues

    118 mins wait time....
  14. Wiluvan

    The Ultimate who we are playing thread

    Official: Barbarus the Slayer
  15. Wiluvan

    Who has preordered