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  1. Grim

    Happy Birthday Tew!

  2. Grim

    Happy Birthday Tew!

  3. Grim

    Happy Birthday Tew!

  4. Grim

    Happy Birthday Tew!

  5. I can't say that I'm sad or happy, but I'm glad the snorefest is now over.
  6. Tigers currently have a 2 1/2 pt spread. Lets see some votes on who will win tonight!
  7. I'm glad A&M came to the SEC. Wealthy school, huge student body, and gives other SEC schools another way into the state of Texas. I'd like to see a good QB recruit come to OleMiss. We sure as heck need it... Our program has been a train wreck the past couple years and our primary flaw is that Houston Nutt can't develop a QB to save his life.
  8. Too bad Diaz is a slacker and a punk... That would have been a good fight to see.
  9. I always chuckle a bit when I see boxing and mma comparisons. It's like comparing North American football to the football the rest of the world plays. They play on similar fields, both have balls, and both run and pass their way to the other side of the field but have completely different rules and skills the players must have to compete on a high level. But that being said, I still think that in a boxing match it would be a close call between the two. They are both known for speed and the jab. I think what would be the deciding factor is Ali's boxing experience. The old saying "Knowing the ropes" or "show them the ropes" applies here. They are both fine tuned to their respective sport. Additionally, it's good to see that we have come MMA fans here! I use to write articles for a sports blog earlier this year so I love talking about it. (especially online)
  10. You and the rest of the world. haha
  11. Work, work, work... I feel like an Orc...

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