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  1. I put some basic furniture into an armoire inside of Psychos R Us. Admins should be able to access it and get whatever you want out. It's mostly chairs right now but I'll add a bunch of different stuff as we go along. If there is some furniture in particular that you want, please send email to Migelangelo and I'll make it for you and put it there. If any Rangers have any Wooly Hide, I'll need lots of it (20k maybe) for couches, beds and other stufff. -Ross
  2. Added two more alts houses today Chingos and Oozle Neither can vote at the moment We do have 38 houses planted right now.
  3. Mains: Aaross M Combat Medic / almost M Rifleman Rossman M Brawler / M Swords / x3x2 TK Alts but almost always on: Kierna M Entertainer / M Dancer / M Musician Migelangelo M Artisan / M Architecht Dawkta M Medic / Master Doc Bellabelle M Artisan / struggling WC Irma M Artisan / fledgling AC couple others I cannot remember offhand
  4. I have one brewing right now. She's x2x1 currently and farming the rest of the steel she will need (500k total for grind and has 220k of that now) AC gonna take a WHILE
  5. Unless you are part of a team with some form of coordination, this game sucks ass. The casual gamer is fucked from the start. I'm very disappointed in the money that I wasted on founders of this game.
  6. Repair costs are insane again. If you manage to win, then your repair costs eat up half of your winnings. If you lose, forget it, you are not repairing that mech. They added a crapton of general exp so you can max out your mechs but it doesnt matter. If you lose, you are not repairing that mech. Starting to regret paying as much as I did for the founders pack. Without an actual team, the game is worthless to play.
  7. Yes, if you win, you get a buttload of cash, however; if you get blown up you will pay way more than you win.
  8. Aaross

    Lull in activity

    Yeah, If you get blown up, expect no less than 2.4 million to do a full repair even on light mechs, my heavy hit 3.7 million to repair almost every time. If you win, you rake in the cash but if you lose, you are screwed.
  9. Aaross

    Lull in activity

    They've jacked up the repair costs so that if you lose you are screwed. my LIGHT mech has cost up to 3.5mi in a losing effort. Right now, it's pretty painful if you are not on an organized team so I'm blowing this Shinazzy off until people start playing again.
  10. Another thing to add, pickup groups suck against formed teams.
  11. Aaross

    Lull in activity

    They've added a River City map with a bunch of obstacles that can hang you up. Appears that everyone bum rushes the base to cap and that is about all there is for strategy now. Pickup games blow hard and if you are a heavy your repair costs blow any money you earn if you lose. Light mechs don't suffer too bad for losing. My Speedbuggy with 6 lasers has zero ammo costs and if I get blown away the highest repair bill i've seen was 80k. My highest on the Atlas was 250k and you only get like 200k when you lose...
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