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    Gaming, gaming, gaming. Also, Paintballing, hunting, fishing, reading, sci-fi, history, Ford Mustangs. And yes, Darth was a nickname I was once called in the USMC as in "Darth Corporal Bentz" as they were convinced I was of the darkside, plus an open love of the SW universe made it a no brainer for the troops. Slibulous Rex is also a nickname from a different time and place and I combined the two for "Darth Slibulous".
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    Star Wars: The Old Republic
  1. Happy Birthday DarthSlibulous!

  2. What job relies solely on one person, that if that person had an emergency, apparently millions of dollars are lost and thousands of people become unemployed? Why, that would be my job. God forbid there is ever a death in the family or some other sort of event.

    1. October


      What do you work as?

  3. You know you are just plain old and boring when you go to sleep by 10 pm on New Year's Eve. What's the big deal anyway? Just another day, right?

  4. So, how many of you have replaced that newspaper or magazine for an iPad or something when you sit on the john? It occurred to me today this is a problem. I sat there for waaaay to long seeing all the silliness on Facebook. That is 45 wasted minutes I will never get back.

  5. My custom rug arrived today for the cave. 5'x6'. The text and EGA are like 3D.

  6. At long last... Moving in... Now I can have my elaborate setup. Long way to go getting it setup though.

  7. Happy birthday, Marines! Semper Fi

  8. It has been a long time coming. Man cave is all but complete. All I need is final inspection, move in and decor. Here are before and after pics.

  9. So, I find myself working way too much these days. What is the consensus on this Ebola thing? Will it be contained, or should I start buying hazmat suits and gas masks for the family? I have an m17a2 gas mask, needs new filters. Can't believe I could be in full MOPP gear in weeks. Am I just over reacting? Safety of my family comes first. What are the rest of you doing? Waiting to see if 2 turns to 50? 100? 10,000? Just curious...

  10. Alive but working a lot. Managing multiple projects across states of PA, VA, WV, MD, DC, NJ, and DE is challenging to say the least. Wouldn't be so bad if I had a Star Trek transporter...

  11. Ok so what will it be? A 12 ga tactical shotgun for sure... but which one? so many... Looking hard at the Remington 887 Nitro mag pump which will do 2 3/4" to 3.5" shells, but I also like some of the Benelli models but more pricey. I am also looking at several Mossbergs, but I think I am leaning hard to Remington. Anyone use it or have any other alternatives? may have made a few bucks but trying to keep it within reason. Not going to spend 1800 on a shotgun, sorry.

  12. Ok, so I like to place small wagers on NFL games since it is legal in Delaware. The rules are you have to do a parlay bet of at least 3 teams and a minimum of 3 dollars. The more teams or over/ unders you do, the higher the payout and the risks. 3 teams is hard to cover the spread, and when you statrt getting into 8,9 or 10 like hitting the lottery. well folks, I did it. Not on 1 but 2 tickets this weekend. 10 dollars total bet yielded 1975.00 smackers!

  13. Sometimes I am just too good for my own good. I have only worked for this company for a year, and it looks like I am being reassigned to a special task force, which will increase my level of responsibility as well as time engaged, which is already too much sometimes. Sure hope it pays well....

  14. My new "toy". Its an HK MP5 A5, believe it or not .22 LR. This has got to be the heaviest .22 I think I have ever touched. Has t be near 8lbs empty.

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