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  1. Eendiwena

    New Server Info

    Sorry for the delay, no it hasn't yet 🙁 We rest to help bridge the gap between now and when it launches.
  2. Eendiwena

    New Server Info

    Ok, so some how we got pushed from New York to Germany. With that being said, we rebooted fresh, no mods, nazeragene map. same PW as before
  3. Congrats Ernie!!
  4. Eendiwena

    Finish a map

    I know back in the day i completed the first two AD zones twice, once in beta and again in live.
  5. Eendiwena

    7 Days to Die Member List.

    A year late, but we are still going strong, and our forums are moved under games servers. If you'd like to join us hit me up on discord or find me on steam as Caeadwen.
  6. Eendiwena

    A Sentinel Has Arisen!

  7. Eendiwena


    So true it's sad Cair!
  8. Eendiwena

    Intrepidity affirmed...

  9. Eendiwena

    A New Guardian Rises From The Ashes

  10. Eendiwena

    New Server Info

    Due to performance issues we had to restart the server. The modified version of Settlers is still there and working better, but also a building mod and custom seed was added to give the survivors more to do. See you in game!
  11. Eendiwena


    For those CotP members that have been watching for Eco to come out and on steam i have good news. They announced Feb 6th as the Beta launch for Steam. I have additional good news as one of our members, ZenWidjet has a server up and running hosting Eco. If you already have Eco installed and have been playing Alpha you can get on now and play with us. Shoot me a message on the forums and i'll get you the connection info. For those that have not heard of Eco and like crafting games like Minecraft, Craft the World and similar titles, you should check it out on steam. Its a unique concept game and very educational for children and adults alike. The company producing the game even has a school bulk discount. Read more on Steam Here.
  12. Eendiwena

    Holiday zombies?

    Not really Shae, the mod adds a lot of additional crafting recipes, changes some of the special zeds to to even more rewarding and unusual zombies. Small things like the roaming hordes are now NPC survivors being chased by the horde of zombies and things of the sort. The big idea i think is for the crafting options.
  13. Eendiwena


    ok all done, off to the races again!
  14. Eendiwena


    tinkering with the seed, please stand by
  15. Eendiwena


    Server is back up with the new mod Settlers installed. Have fun Survivors!