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    1. FYI to those that want to give the new update a go, the server i've been hosting for CoTP members is updated and running. PM me for connection info. Disclaimer, my settings are not for the faint of heart, due to the amount of committed 7DTD players of this community that have been following this game the setting are set high. While they are not on the highest level, they are set to give members familiar to the game a challenge. If you are new to the game i suggest contacting me via steam name: Caeadwen and i will help you in any form you need.
    2. I agree, and the server is on default difficulty, instead of max like normal. I can't tell you how many times i made the same mistake Damis. I left my base door open once and the horde walked right in and cornered me. If you want to see some of these things check out Caeadwen on Twitch, i have saved videos there of A17.
    3. New 7 days to die build is running, see game server forums for more info.
    4. The server has been changed over to A17 experimental. This is a semi unstable build, there will be bugs, though they are few, they are there. If you wish to play please make sure you download the experimental version by right clicking the game in your library, properties, the betas tab, and set it Latest_experimental. You can not be in game to do this, the DL will be about 2.5gb. The game has been completely overhauled, please keep this in mind. Message me for the server PW, it hasn't changed if you played before on this server.
    5. Sorry for the delay, no it hasn't yet We rest to help bridge the gap between now and when it launches.
    6. Ok, so some how we got pushed from New York to Germany. With that being said, we rebooted fresh, no mods, nazeragene map. same PW as before
    7. I know back in the day i completed the first two AD zones twice, once in beta and again in live.
    8. A year late, but we are still going strong, and our forums are moved under games servers. If you'd like to join us hit me up on discord or find me on steam as Caeadwen.
    9. Due to performance issues we had to restart the server. The modified version of Settlers is still there and working better, but also a building mod and custom seed was added to give the survivors more to do. See you in game!
    10. Eendiwena


      For those CotP members that have been watching for Eco to come out and on steam i have good news. They announced Feb 6th as the Beta launch for Steam. I have additional good news as one of our members, ZenWidjet has a server up and running hosting Eco. If you already have Eco installed and have been playing Alpha you can get on now and play with us. Shoot me a message on the forums and i'll get you the connection info. For those that have not heard of Eco and like crafting games like Minecraft, Craft the World and similar titles, you should check it out on steam. Its a unique concept game and very educational for children and adults alike. The company producing the game even has a school bulk discount. Read more on Steam Here.
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