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    1. Scicles! Happy birthday, old pal! Hope you’re well!!!

    2. Just this alone, the entire point of GC is to make it fair for everyone to get gear based on time played and skill level. If you're a skilled player you have the luxury of putting in less time to gear up because you can complete more OPs at higher difficulty/payout than most players, and will get win bonuses on more warzones, and will know shortcuts through solo content. If you suck as a player you won't get bonus cxp from warzone wins or be able to grind every Op quickly, but you have the option now to put in more time than those that do to keep up with gear. You also have the option of playing the GTN or buying and selling Cartel items to afford crafting materials and literally buy yourself gear. Your argument of not having enough time to get the same gear as someone that is either A.) More skilled B.) More dedicated C.) More economical is completely invalidated. If you want good gear, you still have to earn it at the same rate as anyone else. If you can't handle that then don't play games with gear based PvP, there's tons of other options.
    3. Happy Birthday PopsSciclex!

    4. They show up in collections, but there has never been any unlock or claim function on them, just shows them as available cartel market items.
    5. Balance isn't your everyday spec, it will suffer tremendously in long fights due to force consumption which is only slightly alleviated by the 4pc bonus. It's still fun to play but you'll be adding a lot of filler if you're doing any kind of group PvE content with it.
    6. Been asked before, even played on PTS multiple times, sent in bug reports and perspectives on what might go awry in their new updates. Everything I cited went live unchanged, the problems I alluded to came to fruition and had to constantly be hotfixed, many of my friends left the game because of their lack of preparedness and inability to listen to their paying customers and experienced players that understand the game as it will be played, not as it's coded. Surveys wont affect anything other than give them statistics on how many people like to give meaningless feedback.
    7. They don't "want to", they'd just rather the player market be more viable. You get a rank 6 gift out of your alliance crate and you can sell it on the GTN for under 250k and make profit. If you drop the cost of the gifts down it will drastically hurt the viable money-making of heroics.
    8. WHY!? Like seriously, do they know what an achievement system is? To do nothing other than to show off your achievements, which now you can't do because instead of an achievement system we have a in front of the scenes developer tracking tool. Then make it so the people that already did it don't have to do it again, or change it to DvL 2016 and add new achievements... Why are they being paid for their jobs? If the entire internet can give them the feedback to not do stupid Shinazzy before they do it, then why do they still get paid for making everything stupider than it has to be... /rant
    9. Got 80% through a D7 Tactical when sum1 dropped out, wouldn't let me queue for a replacement because I had an active Phase, implying the queue for replacement isn't working right now and I would have to restart the FP to get a new 4th in. So make sure sum1 has a good companion to compensate for drop outs.
    10. and under-geared on a different server... cuz that's pretty much how I was able to finish DvL on Harbinger in the last week. >.< (and I died A LOT)
    11. To give some perspective on what the end of the RNG Gear box grind will be: I have reached rank 20 (40,000 Influence) on Alliance Commander Sana Rae on 4 toons. Which requires 320 Crates at 500 Influence each. I've done C2-N2's mission 13 times between the 4 toons at 500 affection each. So in total I have turned in 307 Ancient Artifact Lockboxes and gotten: Tier 1: Dread Guard Knight's 7-Pc Tier 1: Dread Guard Consular's 7-Pc Tier 2: Arkanian Knight's 7-Pc Tier 2: Arkanian Consular's 7-Pc Tier 3: Underworld Knight's 6-Pc (No Head) Tier 3: Underworld Consular's 7-Pc Tier 4: Yavin Knight's 7-Pc Tier 4: Yavin Consular's 7-Pc Tier 5: Resurrected Knight's 7-Pc Tier 5: Resurrected Consular's 6-Pc (No Chest) As well as many duplicates that were exchanged for credits but not turned into more Influence. Variables not factored: Galactic Command limits access to higher tier drops until you reach a higher Rank, making it more difficult to obtain the higher tier sets. Galactic Command will include Earpiece/Implants/Relics/MainHands/Offhands as well, making it more difficult to obtain complete sets. Unknown how many Tiers exist in Level 70 gear, could be more of less, making it more or less difficult to complete higher tiers. Galactic Command will allow exchanging duplicates into CXP making it less difficult to complete sets. I stopped playing exclusively for Command Crates but still got them as a bonus reward for Conquest points, which would generate faster progress with the incentives of Galactic Command's loot. Opinion: With my normal above-average gaming schedule (high tier of the grinding player-base), I've ALMOST completed my sets from Command Crates. I think it's definitely possible for some hardcore grinders, but also realistically impossible for most casual players, to obtain a full top tier set through Galactic Command before the next major update.
    12. The problem is trusting what Bioware actively considers "Intended play". Cantina Guest: "Can we extend Legacy Level past 50 and/or add rewards?" Musco: "People are already Legacy 50!?" That was at a point where I had been Legacy 50 for half a year and they still didn't know anybody was there already. So does that mean my play-style is considered an exploit because they didn't intend me to get there that fast? It's the fact we can't trust the developer's estimation of how fast people can "exploit-free" gain XP that makes this all pointless to issue a pre-emptive warning for something us and them have no inclination as to where the highest possible grinder can earn without "exploiting".
    13. 5 New FP-tier dungeons, 9 new KotFE style Chapters. Everything else is old and repeatable with no new rewards. More info on new group content coming in a few months. So probably worth coming back for a 1 month sub to play the new content, then not much else until (maybe) their future group content.
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