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      I've narrowed everything down to three games.
      1. Shroud of the Avatar - It could be another 8 year long addition like EQ2 was.
      2. Conan Exiles - 450 hrs and counting. I am an addict, there I said it.
      3. Star Citizen - Recently With ships flyable its been worth playing. Racing against VanceVarkin has helped build up the REC in game for future rentals.
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      United States
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      Star Citizen

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    1. I am still getting low frame rates with a 1080 ti hybrid with ssd. Waiting on optiumization :(. Cant use my HOTAS either which is frustrating. Spry
    2. I have decided to move Spryone out of CoTP and join the Guild known as Stormsong. I guess the main reason is that when I started playing Shroud I looked forward to playing with so many of you who were commited to the game. Those of us who are playing are still playing and enjoying everything about the game. It has its querks but they will all get better with time. Each patch makes Shroud just a little bit better and just like EVE it will be expanding and fleshing out into the game UO could never be. I love playing with everyone who is in CoTP presently and who has been in it in the past but after committing to Shroud as much as I have I want to be able to play with groups of guildies regularly and enjoy the other aspects of the game as a group of Avatars. We have been there in spurts as CoTP and it has been great fun when we were. Release has happened and those who have come back are either here to stay or not. The guild I have joined seems to be like us spread out throughout the World with players on at different times of the day but more than just one or maybe two others besides myself. This should allow for groups the opportunity to complete those ring events or crafting recipe trading events that UO/Shroud is all about. Heck a couple Fridays ago I was out on the dance floor while a DJ was jamming out some tunes on Twitch in a Community event. Its been a long time since I got to do the "Humpty Hump". Summ!, Spry
    3. Hello Ryptide and everyone else, I have been taking a bit of a break while I wait for my new video card to arrive. If anyone hasn't gotten a chance to play, 3.0 is a great starting point to allow you to get a feel for Star Citizen. I can't wait to join other folks ingame to get some flying or crew time in. I hope it goes well for everyone tomorrow. Spry
    4. I posted also today on the forums the location of the house and basement for anyone who might want to come see it. I did mention that there were vendors with items in stock if anyone wants to take advantage and stock up on things you would like to sell in game. Mr. Greenjeans is inside the Inn and has plenty of open space for anyone who does not already have a vendor. Spry
    5. Hello all, I wanted to post and see where our guild might take this Migration from Findupre to? If anyone has suggestions or opinions please post here then we can hopefully come to a decision on where we want to reestablish ourselves. My one suggestion would be somewhere that is easy access and has easy access throughout the overland map. Ok second suggestion somewhere that has room for us too :). Spry
    6. I have always been a fan of Miracle on 34th Street. Santa on trial and proving it is something that I loved since I was a wee lad :). Spry
    7. Hello Guys, Unfortunately I am starting to have problems with my video card. The water pump for the cooling is starting to get intermittent. So I will have to sell the Town Deed I have the Chapter house on so I can afford the Video Card. I will move the Village Deed I have up in the center of town down there so We can still have something in place of it. If anyone is interested I will be selling the Deed, house, and Basement for 1200.00. Spry
    8. WE also have Chapter housing in: Crossroads, Solania, Astoria, and of course Findupre as Mekong already mentioned.
    9. Three of us kept Eastreach Gap safe while travelers ran through Eastreach Gap Last night. We were able to open 2 of the doors in the buildings surrounding the control point before we realized that we were at our limit. The three of us literally lit the control point up with fire and meteor showers. Between Mekong and his handed DPS and Spexs with his archery precision we were able to acquire some great experience and a few items of worth from the fallen bodies. Hopefully in the future we will be able to put the control point under our protection once again so the innocent traveler can pass through Eastreach Gap safely and unharmed. Also even though we realized had reached our limit we did clean up our mess and killed all the remaining orange mobs out of the zone. Spry
    10. Hello all, Please check your emails if you are a subscriber or concierge. They have started sending them out Wednesday night. I received notice tonight from RSI to transfer my account info to the live PTU download and once its completed I will have access to 3.0. Not sure how long it will take but I hope its soon. Finally something to do besides repair comstations!
    11. For me probably weekends would be best. Since I dont get home from work until 10 est most weeknights .
    12. I can only say it in one word "Awesome"!
    13. Not sure if you have seen it Grim but there is another UO clone out there named Legends of Aria. I havent tried it because I am commited to SoTA but there are a number of players who have left SoTA to play it. It is developed by 2 or 3 of the people who worked on UO. Spry
    14. I was wondering if one aspect might be that every so often hunt a boss mob then take the head or other trophy piecce that drops off the head and we present it to the "true avatar" that lies inside the crypt. This would bring us a group through dangerous territory and establish a tie to our history. I'm sure more could be added at some point but I was thinking this might give us an honorable tradition. For the guild.
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