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  1. I am in no way going to lead anything, but I would dig very much somebody picking this up. If not I can join another, but CotP is the OBVIOUS preference!
  2. Sorry just now saw this. There is an opt in on your account and then it is random acceptance.
  3. Are we starting a Classic Guild? I plan on wasting soooo much of my life in that game and would love to hook up with like minded nerds!!! In the Beta now if you wanna group!
  4. Happy Birthday Futaci!

  5. Happy Birthday Futaci!

  6. Happy Birthday Futaci!

  7. Happy Birthday Futaci!

  8. Futaci

    New Screenshots

    Started a guy and he is fresh out of the portal to Jenn Kellon. I am off for a bit but I will bug someone later for a boat ride if you can...
  9. Futaci

    New Screenshots

    This sounds amazing. I tried this game awhile back but ended up running around alone and without purpose of any kind. Might have to check it out though!
  10. Is this chapter active? I played EQ2 way back when for a month or two, is it worth starting up now to kill some time?
  11. I just started, so.... The queues are like 5 minutes max for me. Joystick I found very disappointing. So far loving it.
  12. Anyone else in the Closed Beta? I just got an invite the other day and haven't had time to mess with it yet...
  13. I will be in Mumble more myself. Now that I am a little less lost in MWO! Thanks for all the info BTW!!!!!
  14. Futaci

    Pre-Launch Signup

    Bought the Vet Pack!
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