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    1. That's great. I'm glad to know we'll have a community for it. I understand you guys completely. I myself am more interested in the MMO, but it will be nice to get a feel for the combat. Hopefully it will not be modified for the battle royale. I am most excited for the Node Seiges, I know it won't be coming with Apocalypse, but I am definitely looking forward to it.
    2. Hey guys, I don't know if this game is on your radar, and I know everyone is sick of Battle Royale, but this is a little different. Ashes of Creation is launching an open beta for it's Battle Royale gamemode called Apocalypse. The beta starts on Dec. 18, and I was curious if anyone else is going to be checking it out.
    3. I decided to take a leap of faith so I bought it today.
    4. I might grab it tomorrow, I'm still debating on whether it will be worth it. As I said I didn't really get to experience the real gameplay, I wasn't even able to finish the Earth missions.
    5. I played the demo, but it cut me off at level 7. I didn't really even get to experience the game. I can still load in and run around the tower but I can't do missions or join other players. I haven't decided whether or not I'll pick up the game but if I do it will be some time this week.
    6. I didn't know Skjoldr very well, but I did play Aion Online a few times while he was trying to get a chapter going. The few times that I had interacted with him he was always very welcoming and a generally nice guy. I hate to see him go and wish I had known him better.
    7. I'll try not to forget but I've been pretty busy lately. I haven't been on mumble in at least a month, but I'll try to be there.
    8. Have they announced which classes will be available from the start? In the beta that I played you had to start as a Paladin, Cryomancer, or Lightbinder, and had to unlock the other classes. Is that still how they're doing it?
    9. Welcome to COTP, and as for my guess: Capt. Weaver from Falling Skies?
    10. That's awesome, welcome to all new members to COTP and welcome to all of the current members of COTP who have decided to play this with us. I've been pretty busy lately, like no time for games at all busy, but I am still planning to play this at launch.
    11. I'll be starting as a Lightbinder and eventually progressing to an Archer.
    12. Sarktastik


      I think the real tank is going to be the Knight. I was watching the training video and it seemed much more like a traditional tank.
    13. We have a roster thread. prdc just needs to update it and have an admin make it a sticky thread.
    14. Sarktastik


      I just finished Naori Island Region. It took me awhile solo, but with a group it should be pretty quick. The boss fights took the longest time; I died several times and had to start over. It is a pretty big region but the quests are laid out so that you work your way around the island counter clockwise which is nice. In some MMOs you get the quest in town, finish the quest and run all the way back to town to turn it in and receive another. I think Skyforge has a much better system.
    15. Sarktastik


      I have been playing solo as well. The game was much more enjoyable at the start of CBT 1 when we played together.
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