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  1. Base 3 also has a pretty healthy supply of food stuffs as well...Only request is replant what you take, also don't mind the roving hoards...
  2. Zenwidjet

    Player List

    I'm on the list but not on the list...just a minor detail...it's ZenWidjet...it's a J and not a G because a G is an intangible object in the computer science sense, where as Widjet is just me on the internet. Also, as Eendiwena said before SxyAlliee (2 e's) is also not listed.
  3. Alliee and I added a "turnpike" from the highway to one of the western bases. Just saw this post with the various Phases of the project. Let her or I know what we can help with and I pretty sure, if we aren't already working on something, we would be happy to help.
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