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    1. You aren't up to date on my guild situation. Please consider me no longer a member of CotP as well. I no longer wish to be associated with the guild on any level.
    2. At this point I think it’s best I move on. Thank you for a good nearly 6 years. Things are very different here now and my own personal viewpoints have changed as well. That combination leads to my conclusion. Again, it was an honor. Safe travels.
    3. Sorry this was delayed. Apparently I was half asleep and forgot to save my post. I’m going to try my hand at some fairly aggressive PvP. I’m going to offshoot a guild until I decide if I’m sticking with it. I don’t want to bring any grief on CotP. I’m still CotP and here to help.
    4. I understand where you are coming from Inseril. We will see shortly what happens with the population. I mostly play in MO but since many of the scenes are extremely small I find myself and my party members moving over to FO frequently. It is a catch 22 though. I l’m not going to find any new members or build any new relationships doing that. I’m holding out hope that the progress they are starting to make isn’t to late.
    5. I think we should get together as a Chapter in game and in Discord and throw some ideas around for Events, Recruitment and our long term goals. We haven't really done this. I would suggest next Sunday since Sunday seems to be the day we have the most activity.
    6. I do think we need an injection of new blood. There is a general apathy amongst the chapter. Frankly, if we continue down the path of in action and status quo this chapter probably isn’t going to make it. That statement isn’t an indictment of anyone. Just an opinion. I don’t have any answers either so that leaves me as part of the problem.
    7. I like the idea of the mercenary service. I agree that it could potentially take away from personal advancement and guild goals should it be come a popular service. i see plenty of people who are running across the map encumbered who could use a mercenary escort to grab up those bothersome encounters with bandits and help safely guide them through passes. I've struggled myself come up with the initial conversation with a potential new player joining our ranks in this game more than any other recruitment type contact I've ever had in any other game. It's not like I can say, "Hey would you like to go visit X dungeon. It is right around your skill level and you need X from within it move forward with X quest" This point to the lack of content I'm concerned about. I haven't personally started the main story lines as I have always since the very beginning wanted to wait until official launch in hopes that it would be the most polished experience possible for myself to enjoy. I know you and I (LIfe) had a conversation at one point of a quality new person and just a number. I agree we want quality people first and fore most. I'm open to any and all ideas on how to start that conversation in this game. The only luck in Shroud I've had in the past was just asking someone who was in the area I'm in if they'd like to group up and getting to know them and see if we personally clicked. That is recruitment 101 though. It's been a while since I've personally struggled with recruitment. It's always come fairly easily.
    8. As far as I know, this has not happened.
    9. I know losing Findupre was a surprise to everyone and believe you when I tell you it’s been a tough transition for me. Findupre was a big part of my gaming experience within SotA and it’s been an adjustment to say the least. I’m very happy some of us have landed in Stormsong Vale. I believe in the community Church is trying to put together and I believe we could be a big part of it. I do find myself questioning however, what role if any CotP is going to play in SotA. It hasn’t seemed to hold the attention of most who are playing and we have shown essentially zero growth since I and my guild members folded into CotP. CotP has been my guild for over 5 years now. That’s the longest run I’ve personally had since I ran my guild in SWG from Beta and continued on after a hiatus as a member. I guess what I’m trying to say is I find myself once again asking myself Who are we going to be in Shroud and when are we going to get started. We are very near launch and we have little momentum. I understand that some of that lands squarely on my shoulders. That being said, are we going to step up and create our experience in Shroud?
    10. I spoke with Church tonight and he told me to let you guys know if we all want to live together he can setup an area specifically for us. He isn't opposed to moving stuff about in town. He also stated he can fulfill and specific needs so if for example anyone wanted to be off the beaten bath he could setup that as well. Or whatever anyone needs. He is extremely flexible. I will pay any CotO costs you may have as well. It cost me 5 to move from my property manager from a Findupre lot. Just an fyi. I made no promises
    11. My #1 choice would be Stormsong Vale. Easy access to a lot of zones with varying tiers, a ton of room, and a very active and friendly Governor. Church is a genuinely good guy with a beautiful small town feel.
    12. Well...I somehow managed to snag a row in Resolute this morning after I got home from work So Soryn Fields is gone. More info to come.
    13. Thought it might be time to give an updated list of where we currently hold Chapter Houses. I think I have finally settled on locations that I'm hosting. Covenant of the Phoenix -Island- and Findupre -Village - Multiple holdings, including multiple Inns with open spaces. Contact Arnaeus Moonglow or any officer and we can get you a place to hang your armor. Soryn Fields - We hold a row lot in the resident area just up the road from the main entrance. This will be a 4 story row that can house multiple members including basement room space.It is also near Highvale and Resolute. Soryn Fields is the PoT commerce hub nearest Resolute. Stormsong Vale - We hold a row lot with additional basement rooms to come. Celestial Gardens - Island - Just outside Brittany we hold an Inn in the heart of Celestial Gardens. Additional Basement rooms will be available as well.
    14. I think the only place I might hesitate to go to deep solo would be the rise.
    15. Monday-Thursday I’m currently not on much. I jump in from not at all to about 7-9pm MST. Saturday’s are on and off all day. I do go to my nephews games so times are hit and miss. Sunday for the most part are my most consistent gaming day.
    16. I could do a First enchant on the items if I can keep up with gold ore. I think at least starting with rent free on the Inns is a good way to go. Especially the first few months a new player gets their feet wet.
    17. They are not editable at this time. My suggestion would be volume numbers. Ex: The Chronicles of Harmon Gestel Vol I etc
    18. I would like to keep a book of membership with in game dates, promotion dates, (exit dates hopefully not many of these) and potential have retain a chronicle of guild accomplishments
    19. Thank you so much for this response Life. I’m encouraged to see such a passion for developing a purpose/lore. I’m personally very open to allowing you and the other officers to make changes and help shape Findupre both in story/lore and in actual structure ( I have vision but sometimes lack the patience for the detail of town building ) My guess is a lot of the guilds lore being akin to the virtues stems from its inception being in UO. You have my sword, my home, and my honor. Just lead the way.
    20. I’m curious as to everyone’s thoughts on guild recruitment. Should we begin and what structure should it take? I would like to see a forum post put together. I’d also like to see our leadership structure ironed out. The officers need the ability to react in game and in Discord with some certainty that they are doing the right thing and have the tools to do it. I’m not trying to step on any toes but I’d love to see us have a clear vision for the coming months leading into launch next year.
    21. I’m not to keen on being a crafter so I likely won’t be working on it much. I’ve worked on carpentry, alchemy and tailoring. I’m not all that far down any of the 3. I certainly will be gathering for our crafters and may give agriculture another try as it gets developed some more.
    22. Unfortunately no. Name changes require a $25 service voucher.
    23. Some of you may have noticed I recently changed my surname to Phoenix. There are a few reasons for this, but a substantial portion of it was a little over 5 years ago I joined this guild very adrift. I’ve made some great friends and I’m looking forward to the future of our SotA chapter. I consider it an honor to carry the name and appreciate Throne giving the blessing to use it. So to my fellow guild mates of SotA join me brothers and sisters. Become a Phoenix. Let is give those Dragons a run for there money
    24. I don't believe Life would mind me asking If we could get a #sota text channel for Shroud of the Avatar that would great. Also if possible a Voice Buzzed Locust Tavern (our in game hangout in discord on the Findupre server) and a #bl text channel. We have used the Buzzed Locust Tavern and #bl as our "Adult language" channel alternative to our main channels.
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