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  1. JonDM


    Congrats, Vessa!
  2. Blue??? Gee get you into this? Welcome!
  3. Grim

    Happy Birthday JonDM!

  4. It's Wargaming's anniversary and they are offering a free tank. It's not bad, has the 45mm, and you can always sell it and get the garage slot if you don't like the tank.
  5. Grim

    Happy Birthday JonDM!

  6. Grim

    Happy Birthday JonDM!

  7. It looks great! I do have a question about it though, is the More tab supposed to be underneath the Home tab? If so, it needs to have the background changed. 1440x900 is what I'm using
  8. Seven, so happy that you joined us! Welcome!
  9. JonDM

    Priest changes coming

    All Priests may now use Archery without penalty Fo will no longer say no? It should make it much easier to grind your BC when this update hits!
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