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  1. wingz

    XB1 Gamers

    Well purchased an xbox one on black friday after years of avoiding it, and well my gamertag is xwingzx87x Battlefield 5, Call of duty black ops 4, and forza 7 are what I have for the time being. So if anyone has and sees me on lets play.
  2. wingz

    Welcome Sentinel Elric!

    Look I intentionally logged in to the forums just to congratulate you Elric! Congratulations buddy! Long deserved proud of you bud!! Hope sometime to be back to work under you
  3. wingz


    hey im still playing eve but since the cotp chapter died i moved to another corp ingame but still playing.
  4. Grim

    Happy Birthday wingz!

  5. wingz

    No games!

    Over the course of the past few years ive been hunting for new games to start a chapter in, unfortunately there really hasn't been anything that captured my interest. I spent time on Eve, Wow, Starcraft, Black Desert, and a few others they all end up causing me to feel bored, Rift was my first MMO, that had everything I enjoyed. I like resource gathering where I can farm for days nonstop, shinies to go find, and achievements so far haven't found a game with all 3 yet. PS sorry for causing you all to have a language filter that was cause of me.
  6. Grim

    Happy Birthday wingz!

  7. Want to send out some feelers, and see if anyone has been playing any of the new content, and how it fairs to the old stuff. I was thinking if the content is good, possibly trying for a reboot of the chapter however I want to see if there was any interest in doing so before doing anything at all or if its better that the chapter stays as it currently is and we just move on to a different game such as devilian or blade and soul.
  8. wingz

    Itsa WinGz!

    Camelot definitely looks interesting, and sorry ryan :-p im not much of a star wars gamer haha. I am looking at Blade and soul though an dpossibly starting a new chapter with that, but I want to try and get into the beta and see how it is prior, to doing anything with it at the moment.
  9. wingz

    Itsa WinGz!

    hiiiii grim ive been trying to reach you all day!
  10. wingz

    Welcome Baaynor!

    Welcome to a great chapter of Cotp !
  11. wingz

    Welcome Sinikal

    Welcome to the family!
  12. wingz

    Welcome Deathtask!

  13. wingz

    Welcome JumboClover

    Welcome to the family!
  14. wingz

    Welcome JDawg

    Welcome to the family!
  15. wingz

    Welcome xPandaRenegadex

    Welcome to the family!