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  1. We have a chapter on Dalaran, and a Community set up to include folks who arn't. All the info is on discord, yall should join us =D
  2. They still have a unique discord set up, Bakath. It's pretty lively there. (I creep)
  3. Congratulations to Lanelmora, the newest Sentry in the World of Warcraft Chapter!
  4. There will be a pre launch chapter meeting August 9th @ 9pm Eastern. Tentative itinerary, Welcome new members to the chapter, Explain and promote the Community Feature, Discuss Raiding situation for BfA I encourage everyone to attend, members who are already within the chapter and those who are interested in picking up the game for BfA. If you want to raid and are unable to attend, please send me a private message and I can bring you up to speed.
  5. Hey Zorgon, just wanted to let you know that the chapter is starting to wake up in preparation fro BFA. Be sure to check out our Communities that we have set up =D Hope to see you ingame!
  6. Example Reply: Alliance Side, Veck, Serreya, Akaba Horde Side, Kithandra, Laureesta
  7. A constant issue the WoW chapter has had, in all of its iterations, is that almost everyone played WoW before they found CotP. Therefor everyone's characters are always on different servers, and often people don't want to move servers for sentimental, monetary, or other reasons. The new Communities Feature helps alleviate this issue. It allows members on different servers to join the 'community' and participate in community(guild) chat, group together, and do calendar events. I opted for the WoW and Faction specific community over the B.net one, mainly to allow people to step away from the chapter and take a break when needed, while still being able to play blizzard games. Because of that decision we have two different communities, one for Horde and one for Alliance. These don't replace the guild, and I still encourage those who are able to to play on Dalaran Alliance side with us to do so. This is the Link for the Alliance Community. And this is the Link for the Horde Community. There are instructions within those links that explain how to use it to join the community ingame. You will have to join with each individual character, and once you have please reply to this message giving your character names and if they are horde or alliance.
  8. Hey Madman, sorry it's taken so long for me to reply. I've been on holiday in places where there is no internet. We currently have an Alliance guild on the Dalaran server and that is where we will be based out of. Most people played WoW before they joined CotP, so therefor most people are inconveniently spread across all the servers. As much as I would like everyone to be on Dalaran I understand that it's not possible for some and not practical for others (like Madblue there). So we're in the process of setting a CotP Community so that the folks on the other realms can still be apart of the Chapter. As for particular plans for the expansion, we will do raids, fail at pvp, and really attempt every aspect of the expansion.
  9. Hey Zorgon. Most of the chapter is taking a break until the expansion drops in August; there are some people that are playing atm but it's pretty light.
  10. Cair


    Here is a video I found about Eco. He does swear a little bit, so just fiy.
  11. I can speak for the WoW chapter. It's very quiet right now, but I think that's due to the state of the game. The last content is out until the next expansion lands in August. Most people have wrapped up everything they can/want to do with current content and waiting for the expansion. Also with summer coming soon I expect people to be out doing things, which I support. I suspect that I can give you a very different answer come September.
  12. Congratulations to the newest Sentry in the World of Warcraft Chapter, Glaedar.
  13. Hey Aztos, join us on discord and/or send me a real ID friend request and we will get you in. https://discord.gg/R2TAtb Esieane#1761
  14. Paragon is a Moba that a few of us are playing. Fun, and it's free right now because it's in Beta
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