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  • Welcome to 2021, let's hope it is better than 2020.
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    1. Hey Grim, Yes. My gamertag is... LordHavMercy.
    2. Good day everyone. Is anyone interested in joining the XBOX COTP clan for Destiny? Any and all experience welcomed. Thanks.
    3. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. :)

    4. Ok. Got it. I'm setting myself as a DPS Infiltration Specialist Build (cause read, http://shadowbuilds.com, that's the DPS spec that's most effective, damage wise of all the builds). My stats are..... Melee: Accuracy = 93.54% Critical Chance = 29.96% Crictial Mulitplier = 74% Force: Accuracy = 103.5% Critical Chance = 29.04% Crictial Mulitplier =74% Also, my new Rakate Dbl lightsaber has a crystal of +41 Critical, but my old one has a +41 Power. Which should I keep? Thanks again for all the insight you guys are giving me.
    5. Ok.. I've gotten waaaaaayyy to many conflicting statements about what stats are needed for Jedi Shadow DPS to be most effect at dealing damage. Some say... No Aclarity, some say you need it. Same with strength and power and all the other stats. The only stat I know for a fact that's important to this class is Willpower. Anyone care to give me the "bible" of stats for this class? Thanks.
    6. "Give me a place to stand and I will move the Earth." - Archimedes (300 B.C.)

    7. Congrats Southie. A good thing for a great person. Thanks for all your help. ~Ethira
    8. Is there way through this community for individuals to post items they're wanting to trade, sell, or buy with other members? I think that would be cool it could be something like.... Game: SWTOR Character name: Items wanted: (item name) Items selling: (name plus asking price or trade wanted for it) Just a thought.. I know there's some gear (Rakata) I'd like to get. If there is already one here somewhere.... please let me know where. Thanks.
    9. Anyone have any Rakata gear to sell? :D

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