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  1. Happy Birthday Vythor!

  2. Happy Birthday Vythor!

  3. Happy Birthday Vythor!

  4. Happy Birthday Vythor!

  5. Thanks all! Glad to be a part of it
  6. Vythor


    Shared this on my fantasy football message board... got a good chuckle all around.
  7. Vythor

    Chargers Issues

    So... Turner and Rivers both are in the last year of their respective contracts. The classic game that explains issues with the Chargers would be Chargers vs. Bronco's. 24-0 at the end of the half... against Peyton and the Bronco's. The Chargers were looking clean and sharp. After half time... 5 turnovers. Rivers throwing to people who weren't there (Meachem I believe it was... ran a route, Rivers expected him to turn, he didn't, and it was almost intercepted. This was after a quick audible, which obviously was misunderstood.) Ryan Matthews back after his injury (Jackie Battle and Ronnie Brown doing terribly in his absence for the most part), fumbles repeatedly. Gates' career is mostly done. Year 10, he's not performing. Floyd, year 7, keeps getting injured. Rivers... he and Turner can't seem to agree over whether or not they should wear pants. They are seen shouting at each other on the sidelines repeatedly. What the hell is going to happen with this team? Either a.) Rivers and Turner get their crap together, seeing as both of their jobs are on the line or b.) next year, they're both gone. Gates retires, Floyd becomes a b string or gets shipped off somewhere, Matthews gets injured and is on IR for a full season... we're going to have one hell of a mess on our hands. The Chargers aren't exactly a high ticket team, but I had so much hope for these guys, just to see it fall apart (and see them shred my Fantasy games to pieces.... I spent too much on Matthews during my draft this year). I also live in California, so my choices are Chargers or Raiders? Bleh. Los Angeles *where I live* was talking about buying the Vikings... looks like that's not going to happen. Le sigh. This is why I don't root for a team. I watch teams I enjoy watching. The Ravens (sigh Lewis), the Saints (sigh coaching), the Packers (sigh offensive line and injuries), the Chargers (huge mess!) Some of the banner teams, the Patriots and Giants, just aren't as fun for me. Dunno why. Anyone have any thoughts on what will happen in SD?
  8. Vythor

    Go Seattle!

    Oh they could afford it. But, think about it. A franchise team like the Packers getting a horrible ref like this... it applied a lot of pressure all around. The NFL made an official apology the next day saying the call was wrong, but that the ref upstairs checking the video (who can not overturn a call, can only call complete or incomplete) calling it complete (which he had to do, it did wind up in someone's hand) was not the equivalent of it being correct. So... you have the real ref seeing the disgrace this put upon the league. You're seeing a franchise team that is one of the most highly watched (they move their games to Sunday night pretty often if it's a good matchup, during their "flexible" slots they reserve) get a loss to a team that has a lot of building to do, to put it nicely. Now, the players, coaches, owners, are putting more pressure on the league and the real refs... meaning they came to an agreement the NEXT day. Something like this was bound to happen to make the NFL bend.
  9. Vythor


    And did a Jeepers fine job of tanking his first time in ID too... welcome aboard sir.
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