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  1. The new World of Warcraft expansion was announced just recently at Blizzon. World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. One of the best announcement trailers in the past few years. Check it out.
  2. Battle for Azeroth, the latest World of Warcraft expansion, launches today! The expansion focuses on faction warfare - Alliance vs Horde - with War Mode enabling World PVP among a number of other new features, continents and gameplay. Check out the main site and the wowhead guide for more information on the expansion. The main guild is Alliance on Dalaran and there is a Horde alt guild on Durotan and the placeholder Alliance guild remains on Ysera. Purchase of the expansion gives a level 110 character boost, so you can pick your character and jump in with us right away. Even if you have characters on other realms, the new communities feature allows faction wide chat. Check out our community information page. The WoW Chapter is also active on Discord. If you are planning on joining us, come chat with us there. See you in Azeroth!
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  4. Due to server population and recruitment goals, the WoW Chapter will be doing a guild server transfer on Thursday October 12. This past weekend, the active membership voted to relocate to Dalaran (PVE). At this time, only the Alliance guild is moving as it is the primary faction guild. A horde guild may be established on Dalaran in the future based on interest. Info on Guild Transfer The existing guild bank, achievments and guild level will all be transferred to the new server. A level 1 COTP guild will remain intact on Ysera for all members' characters. An in-game message will be sent to each character of the current guild on Ysera with info of the transfer and instructions how to follow after the guild has been moved. IMPORTANT: If you are interested in moving your character(s) to the new guild DO NOT transfer before the guild is moved or quit the current guild before you transfer as you will lose your guild repuation. Full details and FAQ from WoW site here If there are any questions, please contact Drekken, Cair, Damien or Glaedar through the forums, discord or in-game.
  5. Happy Birthday Drekken!

  6. You can always group up with us from whatever server you are on (provided it is an Alliance character). You simply only need to have someone friended in Battle.net to be invited. To join the guild, you would need to be on one of the connected realms.
  7. As Sparkal mentioned, Ysera and Durotan are connected realms. Here is the statistics on the server from Realm Pop. It is considered a medium size server group with pretty even distribution of factions. A little more Alliance than Horde. LFG/LFR have been game faction wide for a while now, so there is no concern or difference of LFG/LFR on a connected realm basis comparison. Even premade groups can be formed beyond the server structure. I believe the same holds true for PVP.
  8. A wow chapter discord sounds like a great idea. I'm not too familiar with discord but I know some of our members have spoken about it before. If this is something that you would like to do shadowbang, that would be great. What do you need to get it set up? I am happy to help out where I can.
  9. Welcome to COTP Carrot! Glad to have you in the World of Warcraft Chapter!
  10. Welcome to COTP, Kheirra! Glad to have you in the World of Warcraft chapter!
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