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  • Welcome to 2021, let's hope it is better than 2020.
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    1. Character Name: Peter Gabriel Preferred Class: BRD 60 Backup Class: Gynaecologist Days & Times Available: Weds, Thurs, Sat all day. Furthest Progression: T13 Comments / Preferences: Huge balls/Futanari onry.
    2. Made a guide on reddit on how to beat Triple Triad tournaments. Link is here, please upvote, http://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/39bhsa/a_cheaters_guide_to_triple_triad_tournaments/. Feel free to take it and put it on the website as a resource. ~Gammon
    3. I am tentatively gauging the interest in a third Final Coil group. If you are interested please list your ilevel, class, and experience. I've seen a couple of people mention going into Final Coil, but I wanted to see just how many people we have that want to jump in. Thanks. ~Gammon. A dog.
    4. More like Manderville always. I'm parking myself in that place and doing nothing else for the next two weeks.
    5. Armpits are the sexiest part of a woman. I am a dog and scent is very important to me.
    6. Anyway. I'm sorry I got frustrated and feel free to do whatever you all feel looks good. It's a learning experience like anything else, and I apologize for overreacting.
    7. This wasn't directed at you Blue. I heard that you wanted to make small changes over time and learn as you go, which was fine. And the music room you put upstairs doesn't look bad, I just think the levin lamp open-air jam section downstairs was better. And the basement went from being kind of modern and awesome looking to being extremely bland and empty.
    8. Enraged non-constructive Gammon post describing his willingness to burn the house to the ground.
    9. Guys I hope you aren't done. And I hate to be negative here because you both just took up the positions, but the house looks significantly worse than the way simple had it before. I hope this is a work in progress.
    10. Looks fantastic. I'm gonna make some extra stuff the house still needs next week when I get my merchanting going again.
    11. Who we are Covenant of the Phoenix is a multi-generational, multiple game guild with a long history in the gaming community. We’ve been on Leviathan since launch and are an active, dynamic team that accepts all applications. Currently we're a committed group of 40+ members consisting of hardcore, casual, and social players that is looking to expand. We have a huge private mumble server, our main gaming website can be found at COTP.info and our large FC house is located at ward 4, lot 5 in Mist. Come visit us! We're a family-oriented community of friendly, fun gamers. Many of our member
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