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  1. Happy #TheronThursday to everyone! @SWTOR @cotpguild https://t.co/6y0dpZ2Dty

  2. 9. My parents first pierced my ears when I was a toddler and I added another piercing to my ears when I was 18. https://t.co/xSwDEQbeTp

  3. @SWTOR Yes! https://t.co/70jHk0CDiw

  4. @Dragon_Age_Fans My canon Inky is a male Lavellan. Maikhel is his name and I adore jom https://t.co/SBjDR1Onvx

  5. Hah! Dont think because your face is all covered up by an ugly mask, that I dont know it's Theron we're chasing dow… https://t.co/SqGBCTl9rY

  6. @musco Does this mean we DONT need to send HK to find you?! https://t.co/4NLpnuv0rf

  7. @SpawnOnRyan I so totally relate to this, believe me. My coworkers spend most of the time shaking their head over m… https://t.co/GdFePpuqmc

  8. @ExarchIxa @SWTOR @CotPGuild Yes! You get it!

  9. For all of you moms and moms-to-be here and in-game today, please know you're special and we appreciate all that you do. Everyone, spend some time with your mom! Every day with her is precious, believe me. My own daughters have surprised me, and I'll be enjoying my cuddle-fest with them. Hope your holiday is sweetly awesome!
  10. I really do need to level a Chiss to the end-game. It's imperative. Right? @SWTOR #swtorfamily https://t.co/PkBuNrDV0d

  11. It's #SithSaturday and Kiah Blue is just now recovering from a night of PVP madness ... #WarzonesRock!! @SWTOR… https://t.co/Zw1CZJgF30

  12. RT @DepressedDarth: My newest Sith apprentice https://t.co/oytuyCrLPf

  13. @celyntheraven Thats because you're AWESOME! And the Salarians are salamanders.

  14. Funny - Kastiel earned darkside points for shooting Vinn in the face. Then immediately gets lightside points for ca… https://t.co/lpyzGBwfBY

  15. The baby of my @SWTOR Legacy, Camiel was hurt and broken once. But she retains a vivid hope and an unfettered belie… https://t.co/9u87eHAqxA