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  1. Phyreblade

    Origin handles?

    There's still no real word on what sort of in-game community experience Anthem is going to offer -- no word on guilds/clans set-up, basically. Erudius and I thought it would be best to start building a way of matching up with our Community straight off, though. So feel free to share your Origin handle here, to get your friends list prepared. I know this sounds incredible, but my Origin handle is "Phyreblade". Feel free to add me to your friends list.
  2. Phyreblade

    Closed Alpha

  3. Phyreblade

    Updating my Phoenix Family

    So many hugs, Trusin. Here's hoping things at least get more manageable and surround yourself with good vibes always. Best hopes.
  4. Phyreblade

    Rend: Hybrid PvX Epic Survival Game

    Posted on Twitter: And Facebook too:
  5. Phyreblade

    Welcome, Zoggins!

    The World of Warcraft chapter is glad to have you!
  6. Phyreblade

    Zoggins Member Application

    Thank you, Zoggins! I've approved your application, and you should be good to join our in-game guild in World of Warcraft! Also look for us in Discord: https://discord.gg/cvdmhQ
  7. Phyreblade

    Welcome Yujo!

    The SWTOR chapter is glad to welcome you!
  8. Phyreblade

    Yujo Member Application

    Welcome Yujo! I've approved your application, and all should be good to go in-game as well. I've seen you in Discord too, so that shouldn't be a problem. If you need to get alts invited to the guild in-game, just join our custom chat channel (type /cjoin cotp) and then ask there for an invite. Be prepared to share your forums handle, so we can properly record your member note. Thanks much, and welcome!
  9. Phyreblade

    Some more hints from Bioware

    Apparently, Bioware's executive producer Mark Darrah is still busily answering questions on Twitter about interesting details regarding gameplay for Anthem. I continue to pay attention to the notices popping up on my feed. Although my recent attention was grabbed more than ever by Darrah's response to a question about Sniper builds in Anthem. And my first thought was about Mass Effect, where Sniper gameplay was a particularly fun blast: Anyway, here's an article that lists some of the better details shared recently by Mark Darrah: https://www.dualshockers.com/anthem-excitment-building/
  10. Phyreblade

    Welcome Romze!

    Welcome to our Black Desert Online chapter!
  11. Phyreblade

    Welcome Noxnoctiself!

    The Black Desert Online chapter is glad to meet you! Woot!
  12. Phyreblade

    Welcome Paracosm!

    Our Black Desert Online chapter is glad for you to join their ranks! Welcome!
  13. Phyreblade

    Welcome Kardashian!

    Our Age of Conan chapter is looking even more awesome, now! Welcome!
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