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    1. Hi was wondering if i could get a guild invite on swtor ive been gone a long time but just got a new pc and gettin back into it. My character name is jim cato on Republic and emp is basircato

    2. Welcome back to SWTOR, Deadoss! We're very casual in-game but always willing to talk and have a good time! dw
    3. Thanks for joining COTP, Deadoss! And welcome back to SWTOR!
    4. I'm so so sorry to hear we've lost such a wonderful soul.
    5. At least via social media, that is. Our guild was noted during SWTORISTA's latest Twitter contest, asking for guild screen-pictures. I went ahead and tossed one of our Founders' Week screenies up there and we were given thumbs-up from the @SWTOR_community page in recognition. Just keep in mind, we're nearby and still playing! Don't hesitate to jump into game during the next weeks, as we prepare for the September expansion. Cheers to all you guys! Miss you!
    6. Well, I see the button. But pretty sure my first-time ever attempt to properly News-Report was a dismal failure. Or do we count it as a failed attempt at editing? I'm not sure … Either way, I tried creating an article, only to save a spiffy image-header a dozen times over, argh! There was no space for me to actually upload any sort of article, either. Lovely mess I made, sigh. Hey, at least the image is a cool one. But can you delete the absurd things and give me some pointers on how to effectively upload the proper info lol? Sorry for being a pain.
    7. No, Damis. I can't see any ability or button for me to add an article. I was under the impression I needed to finish preparing the article and pass it along to Throne, actually. I wasn't certain how to complete it properly, though, since I would like to include some of our screen-pictures, gifs, and I'm trying to complete a recruitment video to toss on there too. Only let me know if there's something I can do to properly upload the lot of it to the articles section, though. Or should I continue along finishing it up and then give it over to Throne?
    8. What Questrox said. But I am finishing up an article. Should be ready in next day or so. Hugs.
    9. Questrox, that is so YOU. Like cool, jagged ice, really. So here's my own Interceptor: Some other cool pictures too:
    10. Not in the natural course of the game, no. I had the chance to "see" each one during the alpha and beta testing, so I had a good idea which one I wanted/liked the best before the game launched. They unlock pretty naturally as you level and leveling is pretty quick. If you're not sure which Javelin style is which, there are myriad videos that describe them over on YouTube. Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmyybZXymzo But I'm biased. Here's my own Interceptor:
    11. Erhm, I dunno. Graphics look amazing but I'm not sure if I'm in 4k or not.
    12. I'm having fun whenever I get the real-life time to play the game. I've tried every javelin except the Colossus, and still thoroughly enjoy the Interceptor the most. I think that's what's really cool about the game-play, that there's a "style" to each Javelin that will fit whatever you yourself enjoy the most. I mean, most people are flocking to the Storm (which is amazing fun to play BTW) but I still prefer the in-your-face speed of the Interceptor even more. Basically, it's a to-each-his-own system and it's fun. For those who're afraid of flying .. don't be. They've so improved the flight
    13. Early release revealed some issues with the game, including some laggy load screens and some bugs that made the game crash sometimes. Bioware has been actively engaged on Twitter addressing the angst from the players as it was happening. They're willingness to respond quickly to comments and critique has been a refreshing difference. But they've just released the patch notes for the official launch day of Feb 22, outlining what changes they'll be making for the full release of the game so that hopefully everyone will finally be able to play without real problem or issue: Day 1 Patch Note
    14. I discussed the game with the community back when the game was announced. We simply need to move from off the Rader List now, hehe.
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