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  1. Phyreblade

    Xanoric appointed to Paladin

  2. Phyreblade

    So is it good?

    For me, there's the fact I played earlier during the "alpha we're not supposed to mention" so I can see where there's been some improvements. Some of my thoughts then, based on my own experience: (1) The demo places you into a level 10 toon. The alpha allowed us to explore the game using a brand-new character, rather, and during that play-time I enjoyed a somewhat more extensive tutorial. So this particular time I was better able to navigate the game, even without a real tutorial this time around. I'm excited to think how much better I'd be playing if I had leveled a toon all the way from 1-10 rather. (2) There have been massive improvements to the flying routine on a PC. Erudius can tell you, during the alpha I was flying into walls and caves like mad! Both of us noted the problem during that testing experience, and it seems the developers took note. Because the controls dont seem so much sensitive now. It will still take some time practice-flying to really get the hang of it. And as soon as you get it down-pat, they toss you into a watery tunnel and you have to figure out how to swim too (I think it's going to be better if you actually DIVE rather than fall into the pools, mind you) (3) The demo's also allowed me to FINALLY see more than the initial Javelin they give you. I've been told over and over the Ranger is the most versatile of the classes but even now during the demo I just didnt like it. The Ranger felt clunky to me, even though I was flying better this time around. But then I got myself into an Interceptor and I was zipping around like a little mosquito-thing, complete with flashing blades. And it was suddenly FUN as heck! It was just so FAST! Interceptors are definitely designed to get in fast, melee-attack like wildfire, then get right back out before the enemies can even blink from the shock. (4) Combat can be hectic, and it's definitely NOT designed to be completed solo. Of course, I went in there on normal-mode and not easy. But I'm grateful as heck I didnt try anything harder! There were tons of enemies, including one big boss-battle, and the number of times I was left in an inert Javelin made me want to weep (it was better when I upgraded to an Interceptor; I just darted away before I lost all my health). But the battlefields are challenging, with loads of rocks and hills and trees and then down into tunnels and through water and oh-crap-how-did-I-even-get-here moments. I think leveling from the start so that these battles aren't coming at you from a "I'm not sure what I'm really doing, here" perspective will make them even more fun. (5) I had the chance to play around with the Forge, too. Or in other words, "making my Javelin look real pretty". There are tons of options to help personalize your Javelin, everything from adding varied abilities, defensives, and even whether to toss a grenade or launch a missile, etc. All the way to what color and metal and cloth and shape each piece you're wearing … it's extensive enough to keep me busy as heck for a solid half hour of mixing-matching textures and the like. That's me so far.
  3. Phyreblade

    So is it good?

    Some of the gameplay footage is being released, even before the demo. And so far, according to the testers releasing their videos, the consensus is really positive. Anthem: IS IT GOOD? - Loot, Endgame, Story, Classes, Flight, & More! Anthem - WHAT JAVELIN SHOULD YOU PICK? | All Javelin Playstyles, Strengths and Weaknesses Anthem - 10 Things You ABSOLUTELY Need To Know! 123 Rapid Fire Questions About Anthem ANTHEM as a BioWare Fan, Part 1 - Playing Solo
  4. Phyreblade

    Good news - can choose order of Javelins

    They've described the Javelins in brief video, here:
  5. Phyreblade

    How many playing demo on 1/25?

    Go ahead and share, here, if you're going to be in this month's demo.
  6. It seems Bioware has made a significant change in the gameplay of Anthem. Originally, the default order for you to receive your Javelins would've had everyone starting out with a Ranger javelin and build up to a Collosus javelin at varied levels. But now, Bioware is giving players more latitude, so that each player has the ability to personally choose what order they'll receive their javelins, rather. IMO this is excellent news, as it allows players more creativity and individuality. It also helps better structure groups right from the outset of the game. Might've been weird to have everyone playing as Rangers, anyway. All that being said, this is subject to change apparently, shrug. Here's the Twitter post:
  7. Phyreblade

    There IS a guild system!

    Saw a confirmation from @biomarkdarrah via Twitter, that Anthem will include an Alliance system that will work like a traditional clan/guild. He also confirmed that our Alliance will have "tiers" that can be increased over time. Each new tier will come with rewards for the members of the Alliance. I am pleased.
  8. I went ahead and recorded my Datacron hunting adventures on the new planet of Ossus. I'll post the videos, here, so you guys know how I managed to nab the things. Feel free to find me in Discord if you have any questions, or need to vent etc lol. Here's the +2 Endurance datacron (and the most difficult btw): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47w7S8LpRys&feature=youtu.be Here's the Red Mastery datacron: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WI4HNdkMxUY&feature=youtu.be Here's the Presence datacron: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOJq5qKckfM&feature=youtu.be
  9. Phyreblade

    Origin handles?

    There's still no real word on what sort of in-game community experience Anthem is going to offer -- no word on guilds/clans set-up, basically. Erudius and I thought it would be best to start building a way of matching up with our Community straight off, though. So feel free to share your Origin handle here, to get your friends list prepared. I know this sounds incredible, but my Origin handle is "Phyreblade". Feel free to add me to your friends list.
  10. Phyreblade

    Closed Alpha

  11. Phyreblade

    Updating my Phoenix Family

    So many hugs, Trusin. Here's hoping things at least get more manageable and surround yourself with good vibes always. Best hopes.
  12. Phyreblade

    Rend: Hybrid PvX Epic Survival Game

    Posted on Twitter: And Facebook too:
  13. Phyreblade

    Welcome, Zoggins!

    The World of Warcraft chapter is glad to have you!
  14. Phyreblade

    Zoggins Member Application

    Thank you, Zoggins! I've approved your application, and you should be good to join our in-game guild in World of Warcraft! Also look for us in Discord: https://discord.gg/cvdmhQ
  15. Phyreblade

    Welcome Yujo!

    The SWTOR chapter is glad to welcome you!