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      I play games, duh, I also am a strategist some times I over analyze things and make them sound dumb when I'm really think 3 or 4 moves ahead and 3 or 4 different out comes with each, too hard to explain comes natural, anyway I like rpg, shooters "I am the Halo Master", rts and many others.
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    1. Happy Birthday Unholycharles!

    2. Happy Birthday Unholycharles!

    3. Happy Birthday Unholycharles!

    4. Happy Birthday Unholycharles!

    5. Well with some looking around i found out that Blade and Soul will be coming out next year in 2014, however there is no date or whether it's in the spring, summer, or fall. For me I will look forward to Wildstar as the most of you are. The article- http://www.mmoculture.com/2013/04/blade-soul-art-director-reveals-release-window-for-english-server/
    6. Well, I downloaded the game and it's o.k. I wasn't expecting anything classy just funny and fun, but the game play to me is sluggish. It's like playing WoW just a bit more anime like which is the idea I guess. BTW I got to level 5 before deleting the game from my computer check it out if you wanna hope you have fun and it is a different way of playing kinda like the RPGs I get on my Iphone then again those are Asian games too. GL with it
    7. Hey guys and gals while I'm mainly waiting for B&S, Blade and Soul (no new news on that Dx), to come out which will take longer time cause NCsoft the game distributer is coming out with Wildstar first, but anyway I've looked at this new mmorpg thats an anime called Ragnarok 2 as said above I will post info. and what I can get about the game and I will go ahead and copy down the main site. But the main reason is to see who would, might, or will play this game and I tell ya if you like funny anime looking stuff and weird but EXTREMELY cute things like TEEMO <3 this game might be up your a
    8. http://bns.mmosite.com/ A new site to keep updated and apparently UE will get the game faster due to a company paying more money for it to come out faster. Though it did say that Translation was nearly done.
    9. Nothing new yet but heres a site that updates with what the koran server comes out with and it has since launch so check it out. http://www.bladeandsouldojo.com/ You can download Blade and Soul if you want but its in Korean and if you decide to do please post info on it though at first it might be hard core since you can't read it but it can be done. P.S. I don't know if this North Korea thing,for those who watch the news, saying they are going to invade South Korea will effect the development of the game and any other games coming out lets hope not.
    10. I think some of your info is off on a few questions man you should recheck it.

    12. Sup guys some vids with better explanations from AyinMaiden Going to this vid you can find others to explain things a bit more also by Ayin look for the stars and Blade and Soul between them. also these vids are from 2011 and 2012, but they are still give good info
    13. NEED FOLKS TO SAY SOMETHING IN THIS FOURM SO WE CAN GET A CHAPTER STARTED OTHER WISE WE WONT HAVE IT IN COTP SO START TALKING ABOUT IT SOME IF YOU LOOK POST THINGS YOU KNOW THAT I DONT TALK ABOUT IT SAY SOMETHING!!!!!! Like that you might play it you'll think about it plzzzzz Some new info, there are only 6 classes out of 8 that are expected to be in the game 1. Assassin- speaks for it self I think 2.Blademaster- NOT TANKS but they dodge attacks and they are designed for fast action and quick killing much like an sin but without all the stealth and cooler stuff.
    14. Well guys, nothing new for right now, not even anything from the news letters since last December. You know if yall find anything about this game it is alright to post about it as long as its appropriate word wise, coming from the game well might as well get use to it then.
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