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  1. I picked my keepers a while ago, how do I see who they are now?
  2. Are we doing the FF league again this year?
  3. I will be removing any member from the free company that has not logged in in over 120 days. If you would like to remain a member just let me know and ill make sure to keep you in the FC. I will also remove any recruit that does not log in for 90 days
  4. If being a leader got you drops id have a certain chest piece
  5. Their service is the worst I've ever seen. Only once have I actually gotten help from them. I never get a reply from the tickets I submit. But I do get a survey from them asking how I would rate them.
  6. There is a post for people fresh to 50. I went and bumped it up. Personal Progression: What do you do When you hit 50?
  7. First take down of T4 with full FC group
  8. It would be great if I could get 1 piece of gear each week. That is a lot better odds than my coils odds. Been doing coil for two months or so and have gotten 3 drops. One was the shield that dropped every run. You can run this as much as you want till you get the drop you want then you are locked out sounds pretty good to me.
  9. I'd like to give it a shot sounds like fun
  10. Mumble has always been a requirement. It is to hard to type during fights and impossible for PS3 players to type in a fight. With mumble it is a lot easier on everyone to get people all on the same page.
  11. The wall guy from AK is pretty cool looking.
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