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  1. Whats up family! I just started playing GW2 after playing DAOC and SWTOR this is foreign to me as best layouts having a guild and what not. Anyone able to help would be much appreciated.
  2. IM BACKKKKK!!! God i missed y'all. Hello again I am Sentry christApher.
  3. Happy Birthday christApher!

  4. Happy Birthday christApher!

  5. Happy Birthday christApher!

  6. Congradulations. There goes the neighborhood lol
  7. i feel ashamed for loosing to the Broncos now " Philip Rivers"
  8. Happy Birthday christApher!

  9. Meander ya got us all hungry I think Steak is in order now!
  10. Thank you Thank you all! I will strive to do the Guild porud.
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