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  1. The Server IP did change, you can find it here: If you need the password, send me a message on steam
  2. Sorry PInetree, was getting crushed at work. The Server Address is in my signature.
  3. Yeah, structures plus looks pretty good. Lots of corners to build in though
  4. The Basic Rates are: Xp 1.5, Taming 3, Food/Water 0.5, Mating Interval 0.5, Egg Hatch 4, Maturation 3.8, Cuddle interval 1.7, Day 0.5, night is 1.5 Mods: Pillars plus; Egg & poop collector; Storage Plus; corpse finder, infinite flare gun Nothing to crazy
  5. Just as a reminder, as the other Ark servers seem to be disappearing... The Exiles Server Cluster is still available. All COTP are welcome. The Center map has been running for over a year (those of you playing last summer still have toons and construction), with the Island and Scorched Earth Clustered in. There are 10-15 of us who play some what frequently, so lots of space.
  6. Hey Skywise, how did you make out with that mod?
  7. There was an issue with one of the updates, that was affecting some servers not to long ago. It was causing big memory spikes. 252 I think... They hot fixed it quick, but still SOME servers affected. BUT all previous world saves being affected sounds a little skeptical though
  8. Seriously? Heat Stroke? Kinda cool actually...
  9. If you are setting up the server at home... and you have a dynamic IP, I'd imagine you would need to have a work around set up for when the IP does change. A rented host, has some perks for the money. Little more straight forward, static IP, etc. However not that tough to set up an Ark server on a spare box. Lots and Lots of articles to walk you through it. As for RAM not sure, I had it running on a box with 16 gigs.
  10. The Game is out the door though. It may as well be launched. But...its not. They just state 'still currently in development' as their disclaimer for selling alpha/beta software, because you are going to run into bugs and issues. Flip side is without doing that, could they have been able to finance the game? And can we fix and complete the main game first? You are right about the active development, and activity with the community. That is a little more lacking with the MMO's IMO.
  11. Check the tribe log, if dino or person destroyed it... it should show up
  12. Jholern

    XP Values

    That is a handy page, but off the top of my head I do not think it includes XP modifiers for Quality improvements (Ramshackle, Apprentice, Journeymen, etc). Just to keep in mind And the XP listed for dinos doesnt reflect how crazy XP can get for high level stuff. Killing stuff on carno (island or centre) on foot is amazing leveling
  13. Jholern

    Server Activity

    I was trying to suggest you look at the Primitive DLC as I think it is amazing. There was no intention of hijacking. There is absolutely zero need to promote the server, as people already bounce freely between the three servers.
  14. Centre is awesome!!! Feel free to join us if you are waiting on a map reset Melkor
  15. Jholern

    New to Ark

    Yeah, Center is awesome!
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