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  1. Grim

    Happy Birthday Nanja!

  2. Grim

    Happy Birthday Nanja!

  3. In world chat, someone was saying they use stolen credit cards to purchase pearl shop items and gift them. I think this would be dangerous, since anyone who purchases will be instantly banned once the card is flagged. Unless this isn't how they go about it.
  4. I got the conqueror package, will be on. Can someone fill me in on what server/channel we are playing in?
  5. Grim

    Happy Birthday Nanja!

  6. Grim

    Happy Birthday Nanja!

  7. Nanja

    Game is now Live !

    It is, I am now ^_^ soulname Lawful like last time.
  8. Nanja

    Who will be active?

    Hey, It's been awhile! I was just curious who other than me will be active during the release of wizardry on the 30th?
  9. Aha, Happy new years. Great idea! Around what time and zone? Whenever I login to mumble, i'm usually in the wizardry channel by myself.
  10. Nice guide, thanks for taking the time. If you ever feel like power leveling me let me know, haha.
  11. I can't, I reformatted my computer.
  12. Soul Name: Lawful Will see you guys in-game, rolling for a high number first though.
  13. Thanks, brothers and sisters! Is my room nice and clean?
  14. I'm going priest and cross classing some thief and fighter skills if I can.
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