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    1. Fixed getting gear for other javelins. Loot drop rate is still pretty bad. If your focus is gear, the game will be frustrating and unpleasant. If you enjoy flying around or just general gameplay, then getting the loot is a nice bonus. Though I did get frustrated trying to get the last weapon I needed for the weapon challenges and then the last Ranger gear I needed for those challenges. I suspect the big patch will be disappointing and the next level death knell for the game unless they improve loot drop rates. Given random inscriptions, there need to be more (I rarely keep any drop
    2. PTS is up. Aside from the PTS being not-ready-for-prime-time (not a surprise), there are improvements over the base game.
    3. Patch 1.2.0 hit this week and there was a developer livestream about the upcoming changes. https://www.ea.com/games/anthem/news/update-120 For those who want a summary: Patch added a couple of features to freeplay to improve it: A question-mark on the compass for collectables/nodes/etc. Purple icons for areas that will spawn an elite with a guaranteed drop (though the drop may be garbage) Fast travel around the map from strider to strider. Patch added a handful of canned communications commands ("Thanks", "Follow me", etc.) S
    4. Until there's a way to communicate in game, if only to say, "are you ready to group?", discord may be necessary. EDIT: Though I guess sending an invite might be enough.
    5. You really should go ahead and get Discord. In-game voice is an option but, at least for me, the social side of things is important, plus if we get folks good at working with each other in GM2, that paves the way to trying GM3 (for the challenge). I found GM2 difficult on Colossus. But that could be my playstyle more than anything else (run into a pile and beat it up, which doesn't work so well when they beat you up faster). GM2 quickplay wasn't so bad (though lack of group cohesion/coordination left a mark). GM2 strongholds were rough. I'll have to experiment with Interceptor mo
    6. Mondays and Wednesdays, 9pm to 11pm ET are best for me. Maybe Sundays. But I have some flexibility as long as I don't gain wife aggro. Evenings are generally wife time, but a couple of scheduled nights can work. Other nights if I'm on, I'm on.
    7. Although there's a core group that's on several afternoons and evenings a week that occasionally runs content together (or sometimes just hangs out on Discord), for those chasing the Challenge of Valor and on the Freeplay leg, my experience is either do it on Easy to blow through it or on Hard to keep it a tiny bit interesting, or go GM1 and either find the other random people or spend a lot of time hiding to recover. I'm hoping we can go with another option: Scheduling some Freeplay activities. I think there are several people at the necessary level and gearscore for GM1. Quickplay an
    8. Started as a Colossus and sticking with it, though Interceptor can be fun (though squishy solo). I'll probably be more adventurous in group content on guild runs, but for pugs and freeplay, it's Colossus. Eventually, though, I'll probably learn them all, just to keep it interesting.
    9. Run 3440x1440 just fine. Personally prefer 21:9 over 16:9. I suspect it'll do 4k.
    10. Framerate seems good, though I can't say I've paid too much attention to it with all there is to see and do (3440x1440, max graphics, RTX2080, over 40 at least -- I'll pay more attention next time). It's like Destiny 2, but with flying. Did a couple of group missions with "guildies" which were grand. Open world is fun, too, with world events to play with. Flying is much better than it was in the closed alpha. It's a skill like any other, as is skimming water and managing heat. I can't tell you the number of times I've done a "George of the Jungle" and flown face-first into a rock wal
    11. To anyone in the closed alpha this weekend, I hope you're enjoying all the things you can't talk about.
    12. All in one duchy is more realistic, as counties seem to have very limited mayor slots. I doubt we have 24 counts and 2-6 mayors per in this group, but we could easily have more than six mayors.
    13. Mayor, thinking of upgrading to Count. Will know more when the prices come out.
    14. Server selection starts on Monday, 11/19. It's time to decide on that. I basically stopped paying attention to the handful of in-dev games I'm pledged to, so I have no idea about, well, anything about CoE in terms of the politics and group organizing. It would appear that I'm Mayor/Baron level (whatever that means beyond the obvious).
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