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  • Welcome to 2021, let's hope it is better than 2020.
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      Basebal,TESOnline,GW2,SWTOR,Borderlands,Baseball,LOTRO,Battlefield, Reading,and much more. Oh I can't forget baseball! I talk about sports a lot. Feel free to follow me on the Twitter, https://twitter.com/TheTinny20 for my random thoughts/musings throughout the day.
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    1. So I finally joined the guild tonight. Sorry it took so long, it's been a crazy week, had to work and get everything else done since this weekend was my 72 hour shift. I\m trying to get leveled/through the story and end game ready as quick as I can. I'll also get discord on my new computer I'm using in the next couple of days so I can hop on there too.
    2. I'd say a mix of both. Like to get all my weekly pve stuff done on all three characters (flashpoints, nightfall, raid runs, etc), then like pvp the rest of the week or help with raid runs when I can.
    3. I'm picking it up for PC as well. Been playing it a lot on PS4 since it came out, can't wait to be able to start on PC too.
    4. Hi (again) everyone, I was around for a while a couple years ago, but then life got crazy and I didn't have a whole lot of free time. Things seem to be calming back down a bit now. Still in the process of finishing this semester of night class up though. But wanted to starting playing some more games again though, so figured I'd come back. I'll probably mostly be on ESO but might occasionally hop on other things (SWTOR, GW2 etc), also around on PS4 often (usually playing ESO). The only caveat with my play time is in the evenings/weekends I'm an on call Firefighter/EMT, so might have to abruptly leave sometimes. So I guess the morale of the story is, I hope to be around more often now and hope to catch up with everyone.
    5. I actually started dabbling around again lately too. Think I am going to come back and pre-order Morrowind as well. Can't always guarantee when or how long I'll be on since I'm on call as a FF/EMT most nights so might have to leave abruptly and am in a night class Tuesday/Thursday nights for 4 more weeks, but try to play a few nights a week at least and wouldn't mind an invite back. @The_Tinny Thanks!
    6. Grim

      Happy Birthday Tinny!

    7. Grim

      Happy Birthday Tinny!

    8. Was hoping to be back and playing as soon as 1.6 came out, but work picked up, and should be dying down a bit soon. So I should hopefully be able to have more time to play shortly.
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