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  1. No queue in the middle of the day or mornings. Evenings it's >1 so I just quit and do something else.
  2. I'm not seeing anything that would indicate an invite.
  3. Purchased through Steam. Will try to login later today.
  4. I 'm hearing Wynn is locked for new character creation so I'm going to hold off buying the game until I know I can join you.
  5. I may buy this as soon as it pops up on Steam. Been a while since I did the MMO thing. Will be nice to be around friends again.
  6. Joined clan. Hopefully I can find time to start playing tonight.
  7. I'm in hopefully until November. I've been wanting to play Secret World during the Halloween event for a couple years now. Starting now should put me in a good position come October to properly enjoy it. Look for Abraxas601 in the Cabal.
  8. I hit 30 over the weekend. uplay: Abraxas601
  9. In game name is Abraxas601. There was a COTP guild and I applied for membership but it looks like none of the original members play anymore. I got a Bastion frame up to level 36 and when I get a little bored I'll spend time on some other frame. Bought the digital deluxe edition when it was on sale so I've got access to all the frames.
  10. Sigh, wish I had time to play you guys.
  11. Finally purchased BF4 when it was on sale. Abraxas601
  12. I REALLY enjoy playing with a good team. Don't actually have to be good at the game but a team that at least makes an effort to work together. So I too will be joining in but probably not until this weekend at the earliest. Right now I'm enjoying the Halloween event in GW2.
  13. @abraxas601 Added neverwinter to my F2P rotation.
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