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    1. Soulie (Trou in game, co-leader of Nouvelle - France) brought a couple loads of supplies by for us tonight. He brought 140 Straw the first run along with a few other things I wasn't involved with getting from him. Then brought his horse cart back with 4 barrels and 3000 clay (68-74 quality). They clay is for the outside walls per Trou. The 4 barrels had the following: 100 Straw, A barrel full (about 250) 4 ingredient food, and 2 full barrels of raw meat to cook with. We were asked to hold the 4 ingredient food for when we are doing heavy grinding as it gives food buffs to our experience gains. He also said he would be bring by some metal armor tomorrow most likely. Not the best quality, but good starting armor. Lastly, he was wondering if we could give him permission to drop stuff in our base. It was a bit of a pain with the clay tonight, he had to trade it all to me for me to drop.
    2. Is there a Clan formed already? Just purchased the game to continue after the F2P trial levels and am very interested in doing end game content, just wondering if there is a cotp presence for that?
    3. When I leveled the Vanguard I did it as a tank, then I didn't need to worry about the dps output, at least gave me peace of mind. Leveling Tank was kinda fun because I would play around and see how many things I could pull at once, and it usually ended up that I would kill groups faster and complete kill quests faster than dps just because of the large numbers per pull.
    4. Hey Jor, We understand. I cannot comprehend what it must be like for you, just try to do my best to understand and support you as much as possible when I'm around. Please don't feel like you owe us an apology. We will take you however you are whenever you're around. You do so much for the guild and the community and we are so appreciative of all of it. I hope you have many more good days ahead of you bud and that your health improves. We love having you as part of our Swtor family and will always consider you our brother in arms. Let us know please if there is anything we can do for you my friend. Dansker
    5. Glad to have you with us in the Swtor chapter
    6. Yeah the LFG and LFR and PVP are all game wide, not server or cluster or anything like that. So it doesn't matter what server you are on, those three will be exactly the same as they are now for you. The pre-made groups are the same thing, not just the random looking for groups.
    7. I looked at a couple of those sites hoping it was in game gold they were soliciting as I was making a good amount, but they were asking about $130.00 for 1 raid run, no way I was paying any amount of real life money for a raid run, much less a ridiculous amount like that.
    8. Glad to have you with us in WoW
    9. Happy Birthday Dansker!

    10. did some side by side comparisons with Boshu's Commando and adjusted my priorities a bit and got a good increase in dps. Commando - 5329.94
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