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  1. For those that can't afford a new computer, but the current one you have isn't meeting up to your demands try this on. This is not an advertisement this is something I want to share with all CotP users that are not in the best of Financial savings for a new system. $35.00 per month (-10.00 with my discount code) you can have a system that is WELL worth your money. So just some insight, all you need is the internet and a computer and their systems will take the load off. Each system is its own - no one else will be able to use it (What you get to use on the other side) CPU: INTEL XEON 8 cores dedicated threads GPU NVIDIA GTX 1080 equivalent STORAGE 256GB Secured Memory 12GB DDR4 Each time the technology upgrades so do your system with no additional cost. PROMOTION CODE: CHRUMXNN https://shop.shadow.tech/usen Works on Laptops MAC or OS Tablets Phones Just pick up where you left off at... Pretty cool
  2. This add-on covers all which directs you to the best decision making for World of Warcraft. *PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR AN UPDATE AS I WILL CONTINUE TO POST RECENT ONES AS SOON AS I CAN GET THEM* What is Provided: Leveling - Questing Gold farming Dungeons Dailies Events Reputations Professions Pets and Mounts Titles Achievements If you wish to purchase the memberships to help the developers continue to provide an update on release then please go to https://zygorguides.com If you can't afford the membership I will post the Elite Package here on the updates once I acquire them. This file is currently updated for Battle for Azeroth Expansion up to Yesterday's date from this post. Enjoy and Happy Hunting ~Air August_24th_2018_Version_7.0.18726_(1).rar *Note: This file is in a RAR format and you will need to have WinRar on your machine to extract the folder to your addon folder* To install WinRar on your machine just go to WinRAR Download WinRAR x64 (64 bit) *If you are planning on using this file you will need to uninstall any Trail/Free Zygor Client and Extract the folder into your Addon for World of Warcraft*
  3. Air

    Sentry Exam

    Humm, I could have sworn I got a 100... Kinda sad about not getting a perfect score but I am also an overachiever
  4. Air

    Where did the server merge too for Bless Online?

  5. I would be interested. Sounds like a great opportunity to get our foot in for future tester for other games.
  6. Congraz Xugrel on your new promotion
  7. awesome bud congraz on your new position
  8. Although I am always enjoying the more the merrier, I do want to make sure that we use the same forums and voice chat. I do not have an Asmodian, but I can always create one and join the legion to reach out to those that I need.
  9. Thank you Jaqen, Everyone, please help me welcome Jaqen HGar as Aion's new Sentry for our legion. Welcome, and I look forward to working with you throughout the game.
  10. Times are changing, and so is this game. Aion will have a new layout, with new land content as well as change structure. Aion has been out since 2008, however, today 2018 we are still with 2008 graphics. In Aion 6.0, this will change. With the new update from NCSoft CryEngine, we will see much improvements in the graphics, more fluent with combat, and a overall better combat experience. Come join us now and level your character up to 75 before the expansion comes out. Aion 6.0 is not set to release until the late year of 2018. Here are some looks of new gear, wings, weapons and a sneak peak on how the graphics are going to be improving in the CryEngine Update.
  11. Vraith were you able to get in? Do you need any assistances?
  12. Let me know when you want an invite.
  13. it took them around 24 to 36 hours to respond back to the guild thing.
  14. Honestly Damis, I wouldn't even think about a new account. These gifts are account bound, and that is what makes the game so easy to go through. And the promotions that were before, would not be attached to new accounts, hence you losing some extra bonus. I agree with Ztuke, check any alternate emails you might have and see it is going to another email. When I needed an email it would take 30 mins to come through. If you get in let me know and I will move you over to the new guild. We still have the old guild, and members are in there, but they move the permissions to a character name Drake, which I don't know who this is. They have been on 2 days ago but since they were the next highest member level in the Legion. I am ok with that but no one could invite in the Legion. That Legion was a Lvl 5, which could take 150members, however, I have a Level 6 legion which has a higher level and named it Covenant of the Phoenix. So as we go we are going to use that lvl 6 Legion as members, and use the lvl 5 guild CotP as an alt or bank storage.
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