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  1. For those that can't afford a new computer, but the current one you have isn't meeting up to your demands try this on. This is not an advertisement this is something I want to share with all CotP users that are not in the best of Financial savings for a new system. $35.00 per month (-10.00 with my discount code) you can have a system that is WELL worth your money. So just some insight, all you need is the internet and a computer and their systems will take the load off. Each system is its own - no one else will be able to use it (What you get to use on the other side) CPU: INTEL XEON 8 cores dedicated threads GPU NVIDIA GTX 1080 equivalent STORAGE 256GB Secured Memory 12GB DDR4 Each time the technology upgrades so do your system with no additional cost. PROMOTION CODE: CHRUMXNN https://shop.shadow.tech/usen Works on Laptops MAC or OS Tablets Phones Just pick up where you left off at... Pretty cool
  2. This add-on covers all which directs you to the best decision making for World of Warcraft. *PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR AN UPDATE AS I WILL CONTINUE TO POST RECENT ONES AS SOON AS I CAN GET THEM* What is Provided: Leveling - Questing Gold farming Dungeons Dailies Events Reputations Professions Pets and Mounts Titles Achievements If you wish to purchase the memberships to help the developers continue to provide an update on release then please go to https://zygorguides.com If you can't afford the membership I will post the Elite Package here on the updates once I acquire them. This file is currently updated for Battle for Azeroth Expansion up to Yesterday's date from this post. Enjoy and Happy Hunting ~Air August_24th_2018_Version_7.0.18726_(1).rar *Note: This file is in a RAR format and you will need to have WinRar on your machine to extract the folder to your addon folder* To install WinRar on your machine just go to WinRAR Download WinRAR x64 (64 bit) *If you are planning on using this file you will need to uninstall any Trail/Free Zygor Client and Extract the folder into your Addon for World of Warcraft*
  3. Air

    Sentry Exam

    Humm, I could have sworn I got a 100... Kinda sad about not getting a perfect score but I am also an overachiever
  4. Air

    Where did the server merge too for Bless Online?

  5. I would be interested. Sounds like a great opportunity to get our foot in for future tester for other games.
  6. Congraz Xugrel on your new promotion
  7. awesome bud congraz on your new position
  8. Hey, Guys check it out in case you were thinking of playing AION again or are at least thinking about it. Keep in mind that the guild will establish on Jan 23, 2018 so Invites can be requested starting Jan. 24, 2018. But go ahead and grab your free stuff now, forum explains where. Free Mount Free Gear: Full armor, weapons, and wings Free XP Easy Leveling now to 65 Check out the AION forum:
  9. Wow I am just seeing this now. I am truly sadden to hear this, and I have been playing with him in Aion for quite some time back about 2 to 3 years ago. We would always get on and talk about OLD times and how the younger generations really didn't truly know how gaming and life was back then. I also remember us competing on seeing who had it harder when it came to dialup modems and downloading one piece of song that took hours. LOL... I send an message to Damion but also wanted to know if anyone was still interested in playing AION which was one of the games he used to lead? I was thinking about picking it back up, and seeing if I can start working our chapter back into active role. I am not a Official Chapter leader but I have been with CotP for 4+ years and was one of the Officers in the AION game that help skjoldr with activities. I will always remember his dedication, commitment, and cherish our times together. Love you Mike, and may you rest in piece.
  10. Air


    This is Air, I just started getting in Aion and notice that our Legion CotP Legion Leader hasn't signed in for over 2+ years. Is there any way to pass leadership to me? I have been with CotP for 4 years now and I think I want to start picking this up and moving it along.

    Is this possible?

    1. Air


      I just found out on the forums that Mike passed away. :_(

      Wow, It upsets me that this happen, which would explain why the chapter remain silence for such a long time.
      Let me know what I can do to help on getting this chapter up, and I am truly sorry for our guild family's lost.


    2. Air


      I have also read up on the Chapter Leader handbook and understand that my request would set me within a 3 month commitment minimal.

  11. Hall of Remembrance that is about right. I think that this belongs here. Welcome to 2018, where we leave those trouble events behind. Join me in welcoming this new year to start a fresh new beginning. Strive higher to concentrate on glorious times, great memories, and accomplishing the most that we can. I want to say 'Hi' to some special people that I have worked with from previous chapters. Vessa Xugrel Grim Delmar Leah Throne Damis As I come in with open arms and a big smile, I just wanted to let you know that I have missed you guys/gals, and I can say my health has changed for the best (Complete 180) after my surgery in 2016 December. I see that I still have the role 'CotP Workforce team,' and I wanted to remind you that I am here for the guild on whatever you may need from crop picture arrangements (Photoshop) advertisements and recruitment posters. I also found a new game to play during my time back Black Desert, which I am enjoying. I am glad to see open arms and a HUGE Welcome still when I join CotP in BDO. It means a lot to know the guild is always the same even though the website has changed. I'm glad to be back, and please do not hesitate to say, "Who is this guy?"
  12. Grim

    Happy Birthday Air!

  13. Grim

    Happy Birthday Air!

  14. Grim

    Happy Birthday Air!

  15. I have created this article to help those that wish to know the Pro's and Con's of the special abilities of Vampire vs. Werewolf. I have not purposely posted the URL for this article as it leads to a Gold farming website which I do not support. However the article is spot on with letting you know on what choice to make if you wish. Vampire in PVP Vampire has the excellent starting skills after stealth: passive skills to stun enemy for 3.25 seconds. Passive skills can increase your stealth. What is the most important is that you get the very strong capabilities of regeneration and defense: Drain Essence is the most powerful skill to regenerate and interrupt. The passive adds double resource restoration by 10%. There is another passive skill to create a shield wall (damage reduced by 30%~50%) when your character’s Health is low; the less Health is, the higher damage reduction is. Battlefield is full of so many people that you feed your vampire for a long time. Well, I just mentioned about defense capability… You forget it on the battlefield. As we all know, vampires have less fire resistance. However, half of Dragonknight can cause fire damage and the Templar class can cost skills with fire damage staffs. What’s more, Burning catapults can damage vampires. According to PTS players’ test, vampires have been killed instantaneously even if they wear the fire resistance rings. Therefore, defense is not very useful for vampire on the battlefield. If the above can not persuade you out of defense, there is another point that all of guild skills have a special effect on vampires, which makes vampires say goodbye to PVP. Vampire in PVE Vampires haves Buff in PVE. On the one hand, as the above mentioned, viability can be guaranteed; on the other hand, vampires’ super regeneration capability in PVE means you can release more skills than others. The regeneration capability is stronger at night. Compared with werewolves, vampires do not have to sacrifice their ultimate skills. Apart from challenging spider hold dungeons, it is not too difficult that vampires, as Tank in fights, keep in Phase. If vampires in Phase IV play the DPS or Healer role, they are more powerful. The heavy fire skills in dungeon are AOE basically. Generally, common players can guarantee free fire damage. If you just want to upgrade, you can keep in Phase I. In the fourth Phase, your vampire has to take food after slaying a group of monsters. As long as you don’t swim in Magma and avoid the red circles on the map, vampires are able to fight better in PVE. Besides, The fire resistance of Dark Elf enable to reduce the fire passive effects on vampires. Werewolf in PVP The ESO werewolf is designed like the bear Ursa in Dota. Under helps of teammates in PVP, werewolves are the meat grinder on the battlefield. Werewolf setting is interesting. You will see that a werewolf squad scatter sacked nail in the important places of the battlefield. When enemies sack, werewolves rush into the enemy forces quickly. There is too much poison damage in the game. Compared to fire damage for vampires, the effect poison damage is not very big on werewolves. If your guild skills cause special damage for werewolves, you need to get level 7 passive skills. In fact, such players are not many on battlefield. However, there are too many limitations for werewolf transformation. First, werewolves need to sacrifice the occupation of ultimate skill in skill bar. There is no lack of powerful ultimate class and battlefield skills and you have to weigh. Second, werewolves are fit to melee attack. They play a limited role in some positional warfare and even they are killed by unknown AOE skills. It is within one minute that werewolves transform. It is quite hard to gather 925 ultimate points. Although passive skills can add 5 ultimate points every time hit by enemy, it isn’t certain that werewolves is able to successfully transform in the critical occasions. Fourth, The Stamina Buff is obviously much but Magicka Buff is less. Other classes who are not pure spells have Stamina and Magicka. Thus, for werewolves, it is worth discussion whether you should add more Stamina and less Magicka. Werewolf in PVE According to what PTS players said, the output capability of werewolves transforming is the same as damage that other players’ active skills cause. However, because of the lack of ultimate skills or the high ultimate points, it results in the output damage is less than that of other’s active skills. At this point, I respectfully disagree. There is a problem about werewolf viability in PVE. Werewolves can not cast skill in the condition holding the bodies, while other classes can output damage after they cast life-saving skills. This means werewolves need a quite excellent skill to evade, assuring survival after their transformation. Moreover, there is much poison damage in dungeons. Wood Elf and Argonian may have less passive impact of poison. Conclusion There is no good way for werewolves and vampires to deal with their own weaknesses. Hence, you ought to predict and use reduction skills with short duration. Werewolves perform better than vampires in PVP, but the latter is stronger than the former in PVE. GUIDES: You can find the guide for Werewolves at the http://elderscrollsonline.info/guides/werewolf You can find the guide for Vampires at the http://elderscrollsonline.info/guides/vampire
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