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  1. Happy Birthday Darkmaester!

  2. Happy Birthday Darkmaester!

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3_XsjHGgOA
  4. Happy Birthday Darkmaester!

  5. Check your virus chest in your antivirus, it might have pulled a necessary file
  6. I had an epiphany while eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch this morning. I've played the archeage beta a few times before now and looked at this while not paying attention. I think we might actually have a launch date staring us in the face: October 12, 2014. 10/12/14. I realized that when I logged in, I had the date staring me in the face. I have 1 months patron with this pack, and it lists out the expiration as 11/12/14. That tells me launch is probably 1 month prior...
  7. Darkmaester

    Patron Crafters

    Ginseng gives 77 Medicinal Powder on 1d 10h (without water) for 20s.
  8. Darkmaester

    Patron Crafters

    You can buy farm designs at mirage isle for Gilda Stars (quest and cross-continent trade runs). Aquafarm (16x16 [underwater]) - 20 gilda stars Thatched Farmhouse (24x24, house and land) - 50 gilda stars Castles require gold to buy the designs. Per design they are -Ramparts (1g) -Wall (2g) -Gatehouse (5g) -Tower (3g) I'm thinking these are offensive or attacking -Scaling Ladder (30g) -Trebuchet (30g)
  9. You'll need to place down. The 8x8 farm with 4 Olive Trees in it can hold 12 small plants (mushrooms / narcissus) at the same time. It can also hold 6 small plants (mushrooms / narcissus) in a row on a flat surface. Angled Surfaces hold more.
  10. Darkmaester

    Patron Crafters

    eventually will want to make a Haraani alt to put farms on either side of the ocean to transport trade packs to and from. I wonder if I can sell my alts farm to my main..
  11. Darkmaester

    Patron Crafters

    An 8x8 farm (Scarecrow Garden) can hold 6 mushrooms across on a flat surface. Hills hold more items. This will make angled terrain more valuable, as it holds more items. 36 items vs 49 items vs 64 items on a farm.
  12. Darkmaester

    Class Advice

    You change your skillset at a healer/priestess/w/e it's called, then gain more experience to level it.
  13. Darkmaester

    Faction poll

    I vote to make it a tie . Also I was coerced to.
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