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  1. Happy Birthday Darkmaester!

  2. Happy Birthday Darkmaester!

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3_XsjHGgOA
  4. Happy Birthday Darkmaester!

  5. Check your virus chest in your antivirus, it might have pulled a necessary file
  6. I had an epiphany while eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch this morning. I've played the archeage beta a few times before now and looked at this while not paying attention. I think we might actually have a launch date staring us in the face: October 12, 2014. 10/12/14. I realized that when I logged in, I had the date staring me in the face. I have 1 months patron with this pack, and it lists out the expiration as 11/12/14. That tells me launch is probably 1 month prior...
  7. Ginseng gives 77 Medicinal Powder on 1d 10h (without water) for 20s.
  8. You can buy farm designs at mirage isle for Gilda Stars (quest and cross-continent trade runs). Aquafarm (16x16 [underwater]) - 20 gilda stars Thatched Farmhouse (24x24, house and land) - 50 gilda stars Castles require gold to buy the designs. Per design they are -Ramparts (1g) -Wall (2g) -Gatehouse (5g) -Tower (3g) I'm thinking these are offensive or attacking -Scaling Ladder (30g) -Trebuchet (30g)
  9. You'll need to place down. The 8x8 farm with 4 Olive Trees in it can hold 12 small plants (mushrooms / narcissus) at the same time. It can also hold 6 small plants (mushrooms / narcissus) in a row on a flat surface. Angled Surfaces hold more.
  10. eventually will want to make a Haraani alt to put farms on either side of the ocean to transport trade packs to and from. I wonder if I can sell my alts farm to my main..
  11. An 8x8 farm (Scarecrow Garden) can hold 6 mushrooms across on a flat surface. Hills hold more items. This will make angled terrain more valuable, as it holds more items. 36 items vs 49 items vs 64 items on a farm.
  12. Darkmaester

    Class Advice

    You change your skillset at a healer/priestess/w/e it's called, then gain more experience to level it.
  13. Darkmaester

    Faction poll

    I vote to make it a tie . Also I was coerced to.
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