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    1. I personally would not get too hung up on the exact stats. With sage, I tend to run different stats than people generally recommend, and it seems to work well enough for me. For a starting point, balancing the crit and alacrity is not a bad rule of thumb (which you have done), but from there, I would make tweaks as you get more familiar with the class and see what works best. Likewise, in case you are looking online at rotations, I would also look to those more as guidance than rules. According to all the guides I have seen, my rotations are completely wrong, but, once again, it seems
    2. I'm not saying I like or agree with the changes...just pointing out that it should not be as bad as it looks. The big flaw I see is the notion that all numbers for healers should be equal, where they should be balanced by being better or worse for different fights.
    3. http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?p=9339690#edit9339690 For those who haven't seen, the sage/sorc healing changes have been posted. After crunching numbers, I thought my findings might be worthwhile here. There are a lot of complaints already posted in the forums, but the numbers might not be as bad as they seem. Taking a parse from a brontes nightmare fight, assuming no change in effective heal percentages, it looks like the changes would reduce my total effective heals (including force armor) from 8133 to 7124 (this was figured out by taking the heals per second of each
    4. Correct, the numbers correspond to the bar positions. I should also put a disclaimer that there are other things that I did not put in there, such keeping force armors on the tanks at all times (unless you know a big hit is coming), and otherwise using force armor to keep someone alive while you heal them. I interject these at any time in any of the above rotations.
    5. Not bad, no deaths is definitely a plus. Some unsolicited advice, as you said you are still learning... A: 312 B: 3145 C: 316 C is when it can be expected to hit three or more targets during duration and avoid using more than one stack from 3 B is especially good if you have the set bonus autocrit buff Vindicate as needed after 3 to maintain above 50%. Edited to refer to letters for rotations for clarity.
    6. Dabashin: Gunnery Commando (A bit of 220 gear on this one, including main and offhand and missing some augments) 5955.92 http://parsely.io/parser/view/201952
    7. Imbola: Telekinetic Sage http://parsely.io/parser/view/201946 There is a reason that I should only heal...5640.
    8. Looks like sages (and other healers) may be staying where they are for a while: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=809537 Good riddance to bad rubbish (a noble sacrifice that does not involve sacrifice...)
    9. Welcome to the forums Imbola :)

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