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  1. I'm actually dropping due to my split with TEO. My friend is as well.
  2. Yeah I re-listed it on Reddit and have an offer for 3400$ that I'll probably take. Will take 5-6 days for them to come up with the money though I guess.
  3. Dropping price down to 3000$ if it will stay in CotP. That would be a bottom line / non-negotiable price, based on the best offer I've had elsewhere is 3100$
  4. The Idris is half owned by myself and half owned by Jak Blitz (Another CotP/TEO member). I need the money by May 28th at the absolute latest. I can discuss with him how quickly he would like to be paid or if he would want to hold on to his half if CotP bought up the rest. I can drop the price down to 3500$, since it seems like it's going to be difficult to get much more than that. The best offer I have at the moment is 3100$. Before I do sell I'll make sure to let you guys know what the final price is and give you a chance to buy it for the same amount.
  5. I'm getting rid of my ships. I need real life cash, and I'm moving into a phase of my life where I just don't have as much time to game. Ships/Prices are as follows. I'm willing to use Throne, Aveno, or Damis as middle men if any of them are willing. Otherwise I'd prefer to be paid up front, especially for that Idris. IDRIS CORVETTE (M) - LTI - 3800$ to CotP members 4000$ to anyone else. ANVIL GLADIATOR BOMBER - LTI - 175$ to CotP members 200$ for anyone else.(Sold) F7C-M SUPER HORNET - LTI - 175$ to CotP 200$ for anyone else.(Sold) F7C-S HORNET GHOST UPGRADE x 2 - (Just the upgrade not the ship) 13$ each.
  6. I don't really want to but unfortunately I need money for a big real life move coming up here soon and I just figured out I may not be making much if any more money before that move happens after I get certified as a CNA here at the end of May. I own half the Idriss and the owner of the other half is willing to sell so 1900... could really help me out right now. And I won't feel bad having quadrupled my investment and with CoTP already owning another Idriss-M. We'll see.
  7. Very awesome. Really glad I picked one of these up while they were just 1000$. Any idea what the Grey Market prices are soaring to after this announcement?
  8. Gayel, have you picked your skills yet? Just wondering because I'm trying to get an idea what skills we have in the party. I know Life has got Diplomacy covered.
  9. Oooooh. That would allow a very potent Cleric/Sorcerer Mystic Theurge. And Gayel, have you picked your skills yet? Just wondering because I'm trying to get an idea what skills we have in the party. I know Life has got Diplomacy covered.
  10. Oh... well... my guy has a decentish armor rating once I throw up my protective spells and he can heal himself but he's by no means a tank either. We may not need a dedicated tank if Akari is defensive enough. With you guarding Life we can probably all just charge in together. Depends on who our 5th is too. I might just roll up a monk or pally alt I can use if we really feel the tank role is lacking.
  11. Interesting. Akari (My friend) is planning to make a cleric based around offense vs. evil. So if Gayel goes witch guard we have a healer (Lifedragn), tank (Gayel), offensive caster (Akari), and offensive martial(Me).
  12. Ok. This guy is ready to play: http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=840393
  13. Mmk. I think I have a class picked. I'll probably be putting my first level in oracle and then going barbarian until I can take the rage prophet prestige class. I'm making him an angel blooded aasimar. For flavor purposes his human half will be Ulfen.
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