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  1. Warborn on a donkey is rather comical 😃
  2. This video explains what I was trying ( and failing ) to explain in Discord voice last night. Basically you get infinite rolls to reroll stats on your quest gear, limited only buy silver and labor. The catalyst stones mentioned in the video are renamed on Unchained as some kind of evenstone, Adventure or Adventurers iirc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWbl-4U1FH8
  3. You might want to test that extra xp from over achieving. I saw a couple content creators state that you get extra coin instead of xp now.
  4. Nice quick video on how to get your battle pet early. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpOFAGz-PYM
  5. I just noticed that our forums spell Archeage as Archage. Intentional?
  6. Operation Octoberfest! I hope there will be beer!
  7. I'm looking at Ebonsong as a leveling build. The speed boost is really nice, especially at low levels with a low level mount and limited quick travel options since we won't have been to any of the memory tomes yet.
  8. I found it interesting that the racial abilities are not passives. Designing them as activeable abilities with a 30 minute cool down, kind of lessens the usefulness. There are some obvious advantages on some of the skills, although as I was playing around with these on the pts, I had some thoughts that maybe weren't that obvious. The Warborn and Dwarf transformation abilities, iirc, block getting on mounts and gliders. The transformation also blocks using your regular abilities, potions, foods etc., by removing your regular hotbars from the UI during the transformed state. For pve I think these will be fun but not so sure how useful they will be for pvp. Getting a donkey early on in the game negates the pack ability. Without the p2w aspect, and the limited auction house resources, no linked auction houses between servers, thunderstruck logs are going to be a lot more rare and more expensive if or when someone lists them for sale. So if you plan to have multiple large farms the Harani ability is an attractive quality of life ability. Increased damage on cannons is a no brainer for pve and pvp reasons. I love the look of the Firran race. Hands down my favorite for either alliance. Unfortunately imo they have the least useful abilities. The safe fall ability is achievable in the shadow play skill tree. The jump back skill, intended or not, will negate fall damage if used at the correct time. Maybe there is an important aspect of the game I'm not thinking of but who needs a 5 minute buff to climb ladders and trees faster? I'm still on the fence whether to choose form or function.
  9. Saturday morning I have plans but other than that, I'm flexible.
  10. Oh that's cool, I didn't know reserving across all servers was an option.
  11. In the meeting @Elric mentioned taking the top or first server on the list. I think this was for server popularity and activity in the long run. I'm game for another meeting to clarify. P.S. Just heard from Elric, Wynn is the server chosen.
  12. Speaking of crafting, i was on the pts earlier and got a crafting quest to initiate a crafting request. It said you had to have all the mats and someone with high enough proficiency would craft the item with your mats. It didn't say anything about whether the crafting player got paid or not, but I would assume they would gain a fair amount of proficiency, without the cost of materials.
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