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  1. Ixiolander

    New servers

    The queue was 2014 when I tried to log in earlier today to check it out a little...Suffice to say I didn't get the chance to check it out heh.
  2. Strange Magic Kickstarter Highly recommend Bradley Crouch and his work. Awesome stuff. Take a look at least if you're into Pathfinder and supporting good 3rd Party Publishers.
  3. Fantastic read. I found it interesting in their charts they chose 'personality' over 'charisma'. Thanks for compiling this here for us Cheatle.
  4. Thank goodness, the dishes have been piling up. ...I mean welcome!
  5. Congrats! Totally earned. Looking forward to working with you further!
  6. Invites sent out. Was a lot of discussion between the players as there was a large number of applicants. Had to cut a lot mostly due to scheduling. With me being on shift-work I need players with fairly flexible schedules to match unfortunately. Sorry and wish everyone the best luck in finding fun gaming.
  7. Submissions closed. Got nearly 20 applicants between the advertising and a lot of good ones. Currently going over them all to figure out the best picks (and letting the current group chime in on their picks as well). Should be announced sometime tomorrow.
  8. Last day to submit stuff for anyone doing an application. Making a decision by the end of Sunday or Monday depending how everything goes. Got a lot of applications as it turns out.
  9. They are not, neither are traits yet. I'm still getting a handle on the Gestalt rules a bit so I'm leaving the amount of gold and traits for now flexible till I can see just how strong all the characters are.
  10. Thanks for the info. I'd say yes on the second question and be fine with it.
  11. Gotcha...might not work out great as with the shifts, the weeks I'm on night shift I need to start the gaming a bit later. Not sure it'll give much time before you have to meet your other group. That is a pretty crazy bonus I'll say. Very nice! Note that resistance cloaks are not available due to their bonus being replaced by heroic distinctions. Rest is looking good though a little hard to read, could you add some (lvl) to show when you get everything?
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