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  1. October

    Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse Open Beta Dec. 18th

    I backed it in the Kickstarter and am very excited for it, though I won't be doing much of the Apocalypse testing. Not very interested in the whole battle royale craze sweeping gaming recently.
  2. October

    Thoughts and Status of This Community about Skyforge

    Yeah, so, beforehand you had to earn them via progression through the Ascension Atlas, or buy a collector’s edition (of which there were so many) to unlock them ‘early’. It is kind of similar now, but if you are just starting out or getting back in then you are years behind others and have to pay to progress in order to catch up and be competitive with others. I had been so excited for this game, it had such great potential and it was all ruined as a cash grab. Rip.
  3. October

    Thoughts and Status of This Community about Skyforge

    Yes. It is terrible. The game is almost completely different in terms of progression and leveling up mechanics. What is still the same is the pay to win/progress.
  4. It looks like each referral link might be a one time code. If so, request a new one in Discord.
  5. October

    Destiny: Forsaken 2 Sale!

    Use an existing Guardian's referral code if you're picking up Forsaken! Gives you and them rewards based on your completion. Here's mine: https://www.bungie.net/en/Profile/ReferAFriend?code=RAF-7FH-RGA-GJF @Erudiusmight wanna drop his!
  6. I posted this in Discord a bit ago in the Fortnite channel but wanted to share it with the rest of you guys. I played a bit of the pre-alpha and it was pretty fun! I was terrible at it but the magic casting was great fun.
  7. October

    New Ark Expansion!

    It was back when the game just debuted on Steam. Also when I had my old graphics card, some 560 I think so it didn't run too well haha. May need to invest in another hard drive before I end up downloading ARK again, though.
  8. October

    New Ark Expansion!

    I enjoyed my time in ARK but never really got too into it. I guess I'm not a fan of survival games if it makes me feel like I gotta make it a second job. Still, this looks exciting. Is there a storyline to this at all, or just survival sandbox elements?
  9. October

    Diablo News from Blizzcon 2018

    Tbh I'm kind of tired of any Eastern/Asian developer and their pay to win games and mentality. games should be a one time fee, or subscription based only if they are regularly adding content.
  10. October

    Destiny 2 Interest

    They just have to join the clan through the Bungie site! https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2/Chat?groupId=2577195
  11. October

    Get Your FREE Destiny 2 NOW!

    Did you get a special edition? Why not just deluxe? 😂 I really enjoyed Forsaken though, hope you do, too, when it arrives!
  12. October

    Get Your FREE Destiny 2 NOW!

    If you guys have just picked up Forsaken or plan to in the future, Bungie's doing a reward/refer-a-friend campaign for existing Guardians and rewarding both https://www.bungie.net/en/Profile/ReferAFriend?code=RAF-XXH-P4G-FJR
  13. October

    Get Your FREE Destiny 2 NOW!

    That’s amazing, thanks for sharing, @Grim! I was planning on picking this up for a friend of mine, but makes it easier if I just gotta get him the expansions ha.
  14. Sometime next week, in the afternoon or evening EST! I will finally be able to participate with the guild during prime time hours 😭😁
  15. October

    Destiny 2 Interest

    Hey, pal! We do have a small clan going on. It's pretty casual right now. Within the community, about five or so may play it regularly, though the online hours vary. I'd like to spend more time in it personally but my schedule right now doesn't really allow it.