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    1. I thought a lot of people did it that way, I remember Elric's earlier posts about the game went back and forth with missing the 'e'
    2. I couldn't get in until about 40 minutes in there but someone already claimed October, rip. Gonna go with Morningstar and Phoebus. Keep in mind that the only thing set in stone is your character's race and name: you can go back and edit your character's gender and looks.
    3. Fire up your Glyph launcher, the Unchained client is available to download. It's separate from the base and available under the list of games.
    4. I think I'll give it a try! If the guild is participating, any picks on the server? Next month will be fun for sure. Destiny 2's Shadowkeep on the 1st, Archeage Unchained on the 15th, and then SWTOR's Onslaught on the 22nd.
    5. Somewhat, though I keep holding off because right now I'm mostly interested in PvE content. But I remember people kept saying ArcheAge was one of the best MMOs out there when it came out, just ruined due to the monetization cash grabs.
    6. I had been considering backing it during the Kickstarter but held off, knowing they announced they'd continue post-fundraiser Kickstarter pledges. I'm going to have to check out some videos of the content, but I was rather interested in it.
    7. I am interested, although wary due to how many eastern MMOs have tried and failed to make an appearance and last in the west.
    8. I tried the vip demo on PC and according to reddit at the time, a lot of people were having similar issues, going as far as saying the game wasn't meant for pc in the first place. Can't say I disagree, especially with the menu. Typically I run games on high but even after reducing all settings to their lowest, it didn't make any improvements. For the open demo I tried it on PS4 just inside of the little social area before quitting it. It ran smoother.
    9. It's so very choppy and laggy that it's hard to enjoy it at all. I imagine it is a server issue but that doesn't give me much to hold out for when the game actually launches. There hasn't been an easy way to identify controls. Says it's in the Tutorials menu but it isn't, exactly. It does show some controls, but only those related to a specific entry in the tutorial. I really dislike the first person view in the social hub. I see that it's meant to 'increase immersion' but it doesn't -- not for me. Being able to see my character play in 3rd person is pretty fun, though. The combat feels okay but I think it's mostly just because I see my character. So far that's all I've enjoyed. There's a lot of bugs and issues they need to work on. For a demo, I'm disappointed. This game has gone gold and the demo should demonstrate the final product. If this had been called another beta then I wouldn't have minded, but yeah.
    10. I backed it in the Kickstarter and am very excited for it, though I won't be doing much of the Apocalypse testing. Not very interested in the whole battle royale craze sweeping gaming recently.
    11. Yeah, so, beforehand you had to earn them via progression through the Ascension Atlas, or buy a collector’s edition (of which there were so many) to unlock them ‘early’. It is kind of similar now, but if you are just starting out or getting back in then you are years behind others and have to pay to progress in order to catch up and be competitive with others. I had been so excited for this game, it had such great potential and it was all ruined as a cash grab. Rip.
    12. Yes. It is terrible. The game is almost completely different in terms of progression and leveling up mechanics. What is still the same is the pay to win/progress.
    13. It looks like each referral link might be a one time code. If so, request a new one in Discord.
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