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  1. It’s like if Destiny and Titanfall had a baby.
  2. October

    Member Profile

    Thanks, Grim!
  3. I love Covenant of the Dragon haha.
  4. October

    Chapter Goals

    We did quite a few hunts yesterday, but most of them were playing on their alts which were un guilded, so not as many points there.
  5. Release date is February 22, 2019. https://www.theverge.com/2018/6/9/17438830/anthem-bioware-trailer-release-date-ps4-xbox-ea-e3-2018 New cinematic trailer:
  6. October

    Chapter Goals

    My work schedule for the next few months is rather terrible, in terms of how much I can participate with the guild in social events, but I can still run dailies and gather crafting materials (can those be traded to help guildies?), as well as recruiting. I have enjoyed what I have played so far and would prefer not to let it lapse into what you call a lackluster casual chapter.
  7. October

    Guild Progress.

    Are levels based on how many people are in the guild, or are you restricted to that amount of people until you hit a new level?
  8. I can delete it tomorrow after I get home from work, though that is at about 4am. I won’t be online the same time as you guys until around Sunday. When would you rather I delete it?
  9. October

    Welcome GoatMctotes

    Welcome, pal!
  10. Check out this thread for more
  11. I saw this! And it made me want to play even more. Gonna be my summer game maybe?
  12. October

    GoatMctotes Member Application

    Friend is me
  13. I mean, I don’t even understand why they made it Steam exclusive in the first place.
  14. Yeah, I meant to the small demon thing, before the big one.
  15. Only gonna focus on one right now. I wanted Morningstar to be a Paladin, and then I created October as one, too, just because of the name haha. Gonna do a Mage after Morningstar is leveled, I think. Got a buddy that I'm giving my CE Base copy to, think he's gonna be a guardian, though I'm not sure if he wants to join us in guild quite yet. Will persuade.