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  1. October

    No Man's Sky?

    I haven't done multiplayer yet, but I don't believe it's PvP. I think it's just co-op stuff to journey and build together.
  2. October

    No Man's Sky?

    I've been playing No Man's Sky (PS4) again nearly every day after work and before bed. It's quite fun! I didn't get too far into it during launch to experience all of the terrible frustrations others did, but I can say that I am greatly enjoying the Next update. I'm still in my starting system and it is considerably more gorgeous and challenging. The trailer you embedded above is for the previous update, so I'm gonna include the one for Next here.
  3. October


    I am intrigued. I’ll need to look into it more when I get home.
  4. It’s like if Destiny and Titanfall had a baby.
  5. October

    Member Profile

    Thanks, Grim!
  6. I love Covenant of the Dragon haha.
  7. October

    Chapter Goals

    We did quite a few hunts yesterday, but most of them were playing on their alts which were un guilded, so not as many points there.
  8. Release date is February 22, 2019. https://www.theverge.com/2018/6/9/17438830/anthem-bioware-trailer-release-date-ps4-xbox-ea-e3-2018 New cinematic trailer:
  9. October

    Chapter Goals

    My work schedule for the next few months is rather terrible, in terms of how much I can participate with the guild in social events, but I can still run dailies and gather crafting materials (can those be traded to help guildies?), as well as recruiting. I have enjoyed what I have played so far and would prefer not to let it lapse into what you call a lackluster casual chapter.
  10. I can delete it tomorrow after I get home from work, though that is at about 4am. I won’t be online the same time as you guys until around Sunday. When would you rather I delete it?
  11. October

    Welcome GoatMctotes

    Welcome, pal!
  12. Check out this thread for more
  13. I saw this! And it made me want to play even more. Gonna be my summer game maybe?
  14. October

    GoatMctotes Member Application

    Friend is me