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    1. I recommend you rename the airship "The Miki." DOES ANYONE EVEN KNOW WHO I AM ANYMORE?!
    2. 1. gatorade and cheez its on amazon prime reorder 2. quit my job
    3. Hey guys, Miki here. Some of you know me as the former co-leader of the FFXIV chapter. Others probably don't know me at all. I've had a hell of a ride with the CotP FFXIV chapter and I don't consider my time with CotP at an end. I still troll these forums and I'm going to join the Pathfinder and Star Citizen chapters at some point in the future once I get bored with FFXIV. However, I did drop out of the guild in game and then just a few days ago transferred servers. No bad blood or anything. No drama. No complaints. I just wanted to do my own thing, build something from 100% scratch that I can call my own. I also didn't want to compete for members with CotP, so I figured a new server would be more appropriate. So here I am, just a few days into recruiting and I've built a good base. My FC is a community service based organization that utilizes vet players to assist in educating new players and giving back to the public as a whole. The problem is: HOW DO I WEBSITE? I've had success in game and on public forums attracting people to my cause. I've been updating information on a google page, but that's not very good. What I need is something substantial a bit like what we've got here. An application form, an open and private forum and a wealth of information. My question is: who can help point me in the right direction to start getting a forum built? I'm honestly not entirely sure if Xug just does everything from top to bottom or if there is some sort of outsourcing. How do I pay for the thing? Who can host it? I have basically zero experience in this regard. While I don't need my hand held, I would like to know if anyone can elucidate me as to a good place to start. Also, hi Arsenix, if you see this. But I know you won't, you bum.
    4. T9 even though I'm not in your fc just saying hi cause im a creeeeperrrrr
    5. The following jobs no longer receive damage while in combat: Black Mage
    6. Few comments since I always make my own machines (and many other people's machines): I built a PC 7 years ago that still runs FFXIV at very high settings for like $1500. You can get a solid machine for far less than that and still run current games. Hell, I'm convinced I could spec out a machine for $500 (sans monitor) that will work like a charm. Liquid: Latency is more of an issue for gaming than actual RAM volume. If youre going for 16GB of ram, why not use all 4 slots on that MoBo and go 4x 2gb rather than 2x 8gb? Also, that CPU you picked out is a freaking workhorse and I fully endorse it. The GPU is a good choice too. I much prefer a single 970 or 980 over say... a pair of SLI 960s. Although relatively old technology, SLI is still hit or miss for support at this point.
    7. I CAME BY TO SAY HI AND STUFF! Good luck on whatever the heck you end up doing guys! Glad to see this thing is still going! Okay, you may have your forums back.
    8. Its great that only one of these guys is actually in the FC lol Anyways, this is awesome and I just came by briefly to say that. Back into the shadows I go.
    9. We'll say i voted for this before i left the FC even though I'm posting after. I'm still in CotP after all, so it's within my rights. I'd also like to point out that in scholar's post she included an officer who is, in fact, not an officer in this chapter. Let's call her vote "arsenix" Section 1: Q1. Crafter of the Year A1. Gammon Q2. DPS (All TYPES) of the Year A2. Me. Q3. Healer of the Year A3. Sainiku Q4. Tank/(Defense) of the Year A4. Soren Section 2: Q5. Best Chapter run Event of the Year A5. Bridge night Q6. Recruiter of the Year A6. Gammon Q7. Most Helpful Member of the Year A7. Fatalia Q8. Officer (of YOUR Chapter) of the Year A8. Asukai Q9. Rookie of the Year 2014-2015 (new member) A9. Lrcrata Q10. PvP Player of the Year A10. Aylwind blue Q11. Player of the Year in YOUR Chapter A11. Lhoa Q12. Strategic Planner of the Year (Guild wide events, raid planner, social organizer etc) A12. Bramble Section 3: Q13. Photographer (in-game) of the Year A13. Lrcrata Q14. Videographer of the Year A14.
    10. March 23rd is today. Which is not Wednesday. Do you mean the 25th? Cause if so put me down for a firm maybe.
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