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  1. Life is Feudal Chapter takes it to the next level

    Come join the digging!
  2. Late to the game but congrats man!

    I requested a while ago. Guess you don't want me...
  4. Not just at night

    So I have been on working on the outer area around 9:30 am EST and Naite from China Number One has killed me twice so it seems our friends are not just out at Prime Time anymore..
  5. Pfft, attack schmattack, I was just flinging my sling!
  6. WAR!

    Snowflake! I think I died 3 times yesterday.
  7. Soo I was digging stuff for raising the floor level and thought at the same time I would make the road look "pretty". Then I realized I was dumping snow to flatten. I will fix it, sorry!! I am trying..
  8. Here we go....

    Oh sure, work gets crazy and you bastages start playing LiF again.. Will have to see if I can get it soon...
  9. Tempting

    I am a bit confused. According to the website, YO owners only get $10 off of the price. Where do you see that we have access to the MMO?
  10. Roll call

    Hi folks, If I ever get this Jeepers bathroom remodel done I am going to jump in and give it a go. Been watching this game for a while but couldn't find anyone that was playing. Now that I see that we have a few players, I am in. Hope to see you all soon.. Pretos
  11. Update list and progress (since we've been away)

    Ugh.. I just resubbed to Wurm for a little. I might be interested in jumping on though if you get enough interest. Thanks!
  12. Playing On The Server

    Hi and welcome. I have normally been on a lot but the last week or so, RL work has gotten in the way. Hopefully back to normal soon.
  13. Anyone alive?

    It's been so ronery... :'-( :-)
  14. Anyone alive?

    Hey folks, been pretty quiet on the server lately. Anyone left?? Also, haven't seen Throne in a bit but they just released a patch that is supposed to fix the tanning tubs so now I cannot connect to the server... Thanks! Pretos