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  1. Gawerty

    Hey there

    Hey there guys, it's been a while hasn't it? I haven't actively been invested in CoTP for several years, long enough that i'm no longer the teenager who joined, but now an adult with a very different outset on life than I had at the time of my joining this community. Due to it being so long since i've been around, I wanted to kind of see where people such as myself stand - I really don't know how else to say this other than the fact that, I've been gone for so long now that I don't really know anyone here, I don't know how CoTP has changed in the last few years, what games are active, what games aren't, etc etc. Am I even a member anymore? Do I need to go through the process again to try and join CoTP again? Basically these small things I suppose; I'd also like to reintroduce myself; since it has been so long since I was here. My name is Christian and I also go by my username "Gawerty" but in most recent years I've gone by the alias "Shadraex" instead. This was a conversion I made in about the tail-end of 2016. I'm a 20 year old male (about to be 21 soon!) in the United States, specifically in Tennessee; I live on my own, and work about 50 hours a week as a Porter at Toyota. I move fancy cars around all day and wish I owned one! I graduated Highschool in 2016, and actually started a small stint at college, before life reared it's ugly head and my dad and I had some...issues that caused me to leave and stick it out in the real world by myself. Plenty of people have been there i'm sure, and i'm just glad I can say I made it out on the other side fairly well. I think that's a fairly brief synopsis of how i've grown and how things have changed over the years on my side, hope some people will be willing to give me a guiding hand on CoTP of today, since i'm so out of touch. Much love, Christian
  2. I copped the game, it's pretty decent so far. Although my headset broke while I was playing due to an accident with me spilling water... (this seems to be a reoccuring theme for me, yeah?) (If that reference escapes you, check my post from two years ago, you'll see.)
  3. So how exactly does this work, I mean, i've heard about it a fair bit, but now you've got me curious because I can only assume there'd be a fair bit of lag from the distancing/it being cloud-based (I ASSUME.)
  4. Happy Birthday Gawerty!

    1. Gawerty


      thanks from 2018!

  5. Happy Birthday Gawerty!

    1. Gawerty


      thanks from 2018!

  6. So, I've been actively playing star wars since I came back, only thing is, my mic broke about my second day back. I have been playing though!
  7. Of course, I will if I need to know anything! Thanks!
  8. I played the game for about an hour after I installed, and while it isn't really enough time to gauge if the game is good or not, the amount of lag and latency I experienced throws me off for the time being, at least until I can get some better parts. I'll check this out again then though.
  9. It was really a stroke of genius I tell you, I was literally sitting there eating some popcorn chicken at my local KFC and I was reading some Harry Potter Fanfiction talking to my buddy Ryder, and I just shouted out Covenant of the Phoenix, and people looked at me like I was weird! *shrugs* it's all good though. Here I am!
  10. Around September of 2014, After a good bit of inactivity, I came back under my own chapter named Pokemon: Dawn of Darkness...which failed badly, seeing as the game shut-down. I lost my computer shortly after, or at least, functioning parts of it, and upon getting those parts, I am ashamed to say CoTP had completely slipped my mind, I didn't however play SWTOR or any other games either, I mostly focused completely and entirely on school and a development team for a game I was working on. The development team disbanded (As far as I am aware) due to petty reasons, and I spent about two hours on Google trying to remember this guild name, as I wanted to come back... I eventually remembered it while eating Popcorn Chicken, and reading Harry Potter (Go Fawkes the Phoenix!) and... Here I am! I decided i'd renew my SWTOR membership for the month and give the game a shot, see if I could enjoy it. I won't be around all the time as I am also focusing on getting my license (nearly there!) and other things like work and what not, but I should be one for the hole in playing starting in about 10 minutes! Cheers!
  11. Where would I need to look for a free beta key? I have the money to invest in a founder pack but as you have mentioned, I know almost close to nothing about the playstyle/universe/theme of the game, all I know is that it's sci-fi based, the character you play as seems to come from off-planet but interacts with mortals (I might have misread that information bit though) and that the playstyle is tab fighting, similiar to WoW, which I have no complaints against (Again might have misread this as well). To be honest, if it's anything like Wildstar, I won't be able to get into it to much, which would be a shame.
  12. This looks interesting, I will be keeping an eye on this.
  13. This looks interesting, the game I mean. After my failed attempt at a chapter I disappeared from the scenes... I might give this a shot here soon.
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