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  1. Happy Birthday helloprilly!

  2. Happy Birthday helloprilly!

  3. Wow thats some serious progression. Will work on trying to run my two mains through to get them going into the tier two and tier three stuff!
  4. I had those designs in my nar shaddaa stronghold may do it again as I totally forgot how I did it! Looks great!
  5. Welcome back! Hubby and I have just returned after over a year away. So I totally get it. Hope to run into you in mumble or game
  6. The Dark side has grown stronger with your presence.
  7. helloprilly


    LOL. It's been a few years. At least two and a half. I am rejoining you in the cotp chapter.
  8. helloprilly


    Well, I'm back!!!
  9. Happy Birthday helloprilly!

  10. Happy Birthday helloprilly!

  11. Happy Birthday helloprilly!

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