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  1. Oooooohhhhh hmm.... need to stock up on Fireball and GlenFiddich
  2. Happy Birthday Ootini!

  3. Happy Birthday Ootini!

  4. It was crazy down there honestly they had curtains with first order logos on them inside etc too. Spent about 5 hrs down there and at the Chinese where it all began. Was a lot of fun. Inside it was nuts once the show started. Seen it 3 times and have to say I agree with Dreskoss too, the 2d is better IMO. Overall yeah think Rey is Luke's daughter hidden away to protect her, and think Snoke is actually Plageius and that Palpatine in fact failed to actually kill him. Plageius was always more of a behind the scenes guy even more than Palpatine too so kind of makes sense he would sneak in and start to take over.
  5. Having seen it 3 times so far have to say the scene that gets me is when Han dies and falls away and Chewie just howls in pain then wookie rampages and takes everyone out... just bam, right in the feels. I was fine with Han being gutted but minute Chewie got upset, yeah I shed a tear!
  6. Hope you all have had a good xmas!! And here's to a happy new year to everyone too! New movie was AWESOME!! Course seeing it downtown hollywood kinda helped that too! And yup that is Pris and I in costume (we're 501st now). Lots of questions to be answered but could they give us the next one sooner please?!?! Can't wait!!
  7. maple bacon poutine for all! Happy Canada Day all you canucks!
  8. Happy Birthday Ootini!

  9. As ever awesome vid Phyre... that Chiss coulda flattened poor Gaib though!! Yikes!
  10. wait didn't we kill him already? Bring in the clones???
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