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  1. Happy Birthday GingerSnapps!

  2. Ginger

    Server info

    Host name: Ginger'sPlayLand Ip: Port: 27000 Password: ginger
  3. Wiped the server kids and we are starting fresh! Servername: The PlayGround password: ginger
  4. Ginger

    Everything is gone?!

    Thanks guys. I appreciate it. I'm still running in "no help" mode. I was just curious because there wasn't a single piece left anywhere. I'm out of town almost all weekend but will hopefully be on today.
  5. I made a crappy little shack over by the redwoods the other day near the beach. I got on today and my entire building and all of my things are gone? It seems that other buildings and beds are still there. I still have everything in my inventory so it doesn't seem to be on my end. Any ideas?
  6. That's a bug. Apparently, if you force a wagon into a small stable, it registers that there are still horses in the stable even after you take it out. You can reg that horse at another stable. I am trying to find the fix. I checked my wagon in elsewhere and took a horse out of the bugged stable, then I was able to check another in. More tested needed to confirm.
  7. We have a horse thread for goodies like this. "Catching the Horse Bug". On the private side. Thanks for the share.
  8. Yeah. I would agree Monty. Now that I am skilled 7, I am catching more of the higher skills. just got side step today. I do think it weighs heavier on the rng though. With that and me lvling t6's, I still get the occasional "stupid" horse.
  9. It appears to me that the horses actually have a max amount of skills that they can have, 12/16. My main, Jak, has been sitting at 12 skills since he was lvl 20 and is now 29 with no new skills. Has anyone else found this to be the case?
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