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    1. Host name: Ginger'sPlayLand Ip: Port: 27000 Password: ginger
    2. Wiped the server kids and we are starting fresh! Servername: The PlayGround password: ginger
    3. Thanks guys. I appreciate it. I'm still running in "no help" mode. I was just curious because there wasn't a single piece left anywhere. I'm out of town almost all weekend but will hopefully be on today.
    4. I made a crappy little shack over by the redwoods the other day near the beach. I got on today and my entire building and all of my things are gone? It seems that other buildings and beds are still there. I still have everything in my inventory so it doesn't seem to be on my end. Any ideas?
    5. That's a bug. Apparently, if you force a wagon into a small stable, it registers that there are still horses in the stable even after you take it out. You can reg that horse at another stable. I am trying to find the fix. I checked my wagon in elsewhere and took a horse out of the bugged stable, then I was able to check another in. More tested needed to confirm.
    6. We have a horse thread for goodies like this. "Catching the Horse Bug". On the private side. Thanks for the share.
    7. Yeah. I would agree Monty. Now that I am skilled 7, I am catching more of the higher skills. just got side step today. I do think it weighs heavier on the rng though. With that and me lvling t6's, I still get the occasional "stupid" horse.
    8. It appears to me that the horses actually have a max amount of skills that they can have, 12/16. My main, Jak, has been sitting at 12 skills since he was lvl 20 and is now 29 with no new skills. Has anyone else found this to be the case?
    9. I figured out the Hope/Horse skill change today. You need a skill change coupon and your horse in a stable. Go to the skill you want and hit "Hope". This is selecting the skill you are hoping to get. Then move up and select the skill that you would like to exchange it for and click "Change". Naturally, the chances of getting your skill is rng but the more that you try for that skill, the counter for it will go up increasing your chances for that skill.
    10. This one has great images for horse tiers. https://dvsgaming.org/black-desert-online-horse-capturing-and-taming-guide/
    11. Here is a doc that I am working on to identify the value of each horse skill since that seems to be a major deciding factor on the market value of a horse. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15H_R_921-zIzexQOM4DEv7b0mRPmCt_mFalDyv3Qhtg/edit#gid=0
    12. If you have a repayment letter that you want to trade, post your toon name and which letter you have. Don't forget to edit your post once your letter is gone.
    13. Here are all the spawn points others and myself have found in Mediah. The Stonebeak spawn point is also part of this.
    14. That's hella helpful for anyone who wants to balance their game. Awesome plan, guy. Thanks for sharing!
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