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  1. Happy Birthday fyckis!

  2. Wishing all you dad's a good father's day.
  3. Lol steel maybe that's were I stop 666 lol. Rai I responded to ur email other questions regarding prog you can get with. Arlan Wuta Cila Shadraxx There was some saying I was the 10th man but those 4 can assist you...let me know when ur free so we can go over stats.
  4. I totally disagree with those numbers those numbers weren't even used pre 2.0 when ppl stacked 30% buffed defense and stacked 30k endurance.. I respectfully degree....I still luv u dank with ur 40% lol
  5. Dank you know how I feel about u stacking 40% defense =).. Rai I play a guardian if you need any help email me on your playing schedule and I will make time to help you. Just by looking at ur rough numbers ur absorb needs to come up a bit you shouldn't have a big gap between the shield and absorb. I believe my numbers not buffed 22-23% defense 42% shield and 41% absorb just keep in mind I probably have better gear then you and you are not going to achieve those numbers yet. I would also recommend you getting some extra absorb augments so you can adjust your stats accordingly If you D is way to high and you don't dodge a attack what's ur back up plan? You going to need your shield and absorb to save u!!! Some things to keep in mind.. Also keep in mind you must keep you defense buff up at all times in your rotation which I believe it's a 5% increase so I'm technically at 27% You may also want to get with sciclex he may be able to help you and guide you to the more recent kbn numbers. Forgot to mention he also the guild Barnes and Nobles and knows every class. Dam I hit 300 post looks like we need a party for that..
  6. Is there a active chapter for this game just bought it.
  7. Lolol...well idk I was thinking I was going to click the terminal and land. Once game play started the emp comes down in some form smacks u up kidnaps you and kills everyone on the planet. Of course actually game play not a cinema lol
  8. Little lost and not sure if I missed something was this whole hype about may 4th a daily zone? I don't think that little cinema was the whole hype. Please tell me I'm wrong thxs
  9. Changes to the sent/mara is a complete joke.
  10. yea thxs scic ... no worries garinol it happens we gonna 7 man it and call the night!
  11. fyckis

    BF Hardline

    Not sure if this is the right place to post but did anyone buy this game yet and is it any good.. I currently play BF 4.
  12. Section 1: Q1. Crafter of the Year A1. Lushy Q2. DPS (All TYPES) of the Year A2.Von Q3. Healer of the Year A3. Vegi Q4. Tank/(Defense) of the Year A4. Drekken Section 2: Q5. Best Chapter run Event of the Year A5. Yavin 4 walkers sentinel wipe feast Q6. Recruiter of the Year A6. Gail Q7. Most Helpful Member of the Year A7. Phyre Q8. Officer (of YOUR Chapter) of the Year A8. Ztuke Q9. Rookie of the Year 2014-2015 (new member) A9. Mat Q10. PvP Player of the Year A10. Neo Q11. Player of the Year in YOUR Chapter A11. Von Q12. Strategic Planner of the Year (Guild wide events, raid planner, social organizer etc) A12. Sciclex Section 3: Q13. Photographer (in-game) of the Year A13. PHYRE Q14. Videographer of the Year A14. Phyre
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