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  1. Pino

    Guild videos

    talk to Steelcamp about getting them on the guild youtube channel ? Link is to his post about the Guild channel, which makes me assume he can help ; )
  2. Grim

    Happy Birthday Pino!

  3. yes! @9pm EST i hear
  4. - Yuty now has a faster rotation rate when in melee attack range (see the Rex) There is nothing about the Rex in this update. Wiki had this Changelog: Patch Changes 173.0 Rex damage buffed from 50 to 80 177.0 Added ability to roar (the first species within the game to receive this ability) 178.0 Rex roar now has a large attenuation range Unversioned Hotfix Rex damage reduced from 80 to 60 254.0 Rex receives the Tek Rex Saddle 260.0 Rex capsule (hitbox) increased to appropriately fit its size *Edit* found this: - Reduced turning speed of tames by 0.5s their current speed when they are in combat, so creatures like the Manta and Ptero can turn fast enough to properly attack
  5. I was wondering how another company could do a BT video game, finally read that Catalyst/HBS is working with Piranha, a little. PGI probably feels safe about a turn-based game not stealing MechWarrior players ; ) That video made me nostalgic for the old TT game, but I got too many games as it is, I will just wish 'em luck.
  6. We had raised 32, by Saturday night.
  7. I heard $2.49 is about what RAGE is worth, so I will be enjoying the violence this weekend ;p
  8. so its up, found a new issue. the save put us back to mid-transfer. Wyvern in the obelisk, Thraq transferring over. Came back after the restart, nothing in the obelisk, no death message (in any tribe logs) for the animal, and when the person transferred, they got a random respawn. Maybe Admins could try putting something in the obelisk, then save and restart ? See if this was reproducable. Name was Gerd if server logs have a clue.
  9. No update, hoping all is well and will be back up soon. (btw I gave it ~10 minutes before posting )
  10. Splitting my time between maps, but Ragnarok is nicer. Very thoroughly done. Much more 'real' than the Island and SE maps.
  11. Well, April began Pre-Alpha 2.0, with access for Pre-Alpha 1 & 2 and Alpha 1, 2 & 3 There's a pre Alpha 3 I think, then the Alphas, then some betas. Beta 2 is right before open Beta, I think.... They say 'we're on track for Beta to begin later this year" so, in a few months I guess.
  12. I don't get access until beta 2, but I can give this thread a good luck <bump> : )
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