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  1. Thank you for the "How To" steps. Ill be on when I can!
  2. Thraq

    Server Activity

    Hey All, Are there still Turkey's in the game? Thraq
  3. Thraq

    New survival plan

    Thraq and Pino are in. We are in the process of opening the gates, release the pets, destroyed the blueprints. Please destroy with the god gun at your pleasure. We will be seeing a new settlement for new toons.
  4. Thraq

    Cant Login

    Thank you. Works fine now.
  5. Thraq

    Cant Login

    I keep getting "Timed Out" whenever I have tried to login since the server was taken down to "check the logs". Client is up to date, per steam. Is anyone else having similar issues?
  6. Many of the Aku mod things add cool things to the game, but it also adds things that I think break the game. Per a brief chat with Throne, we should be able to selectively deactivate parts (i.e. Kibble Machine). Per the poll, please indicate if you would like parts of the mod deactivated.
  7. Hey all, Can I please get white listed? WernerHerzog is my Minecraft ID. Thanks!
  8. Thraq

    WoT Member List

    Hey All, I'm enrolled with COTP SWTOR and PFO. Thraq is my toon on WoT, I enjoy the Arty, but have Tier 5 Wolverine as my hightest ATM. I would love to join the Team for WoT!
  9. Getting certificate errors for mumble.

  10. Thraq

    TEO Minecraft Server

    Thanks. I've been lurking the PFO boards, so he will have no where to hide after his vaca. I look forward to playing!
  11. Thraq

    TEO Minecraft Server

    Hey folks, If the server is still in play, can you add me to the white list?
  12. Hey everyone! Name: Thraq Rank: CoTP membership Background: I've played a myriad of board games, roleplaying and MMORPG's. I look forward playing Pathfinder Online. Plans in Pathfinder Online: I would like explore all aspects of the game and look forward to being part of a dynamic force. I enjoy a gritty game and I hope that this will deliver. I've been very impressed with CoTP (Swotr_PVE) for the month I've been a member. I would like to be a part of the Pathfinder team as well~
  13. Padawan Forum Name: Thraq Character Name: Doghun Advanced Class: Sith Warrior Spec: Juggernaut Area of Interest: PVE / Ops This is my first toon in the game. lvl 41 as of this posting. I'm open to any advice to be a great tank.
  14. Doghun (Sith Warrior) Artifice Advanced Guardian Hilt 17 Advanced Might Hilt 17
  15. Grim

    Welcome to the forums Thraq :)

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